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Engineer&039;s new blueprint
  • 2-11-2021
  • 01:04

Engineer gets a big surprise. I've made several easter eggs (Teddy...etc) !!PLEASE DO NOT REVEAL TEDDIES LOCATIONS!! !!DO NOT POST A COMMENT WITH LOCATIONS!! ~~Credits~~ - Colossal_dragon [for porting bots model from Monday Night Combat - M30W3R [for Monday Night Combat sounds] - Jason 278 [for porting several handy models] - WindedNumber1 [for handy tools from Video Assistant] - UberENT [for a great game which is Monday Night Combat] - NassimO [for blueprints models] - Ellis* [for helping me with porting to gmod several good...

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Unfinished TF2 15.ai Soldier found out that Heavy is a communist
  • 6-2-2021
  • 59:00

One of the recent projects that I've been working on.... I hope one day I will return to It because It was fun to bring TF2 characters back. I animated It in Blender.

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Room for one more whore made by Gaypenls
  • 18-1-2021
  • 03:36

MADE BY GAYPENlS I do not take any credits for this.

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Kill me fixed
  • 18-1-2021
  • 03:00

Later Response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qy0ak7Js4d0 Old version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYqktryVIzA

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Spy gets a little surprise
  • 18-1-2021
  • 01:27

Spy get's a little suprise. Inspired by video "Scout Discovers Garrys Mod" made by MyHelmetHazStickers Also thank you all for 3000 subscribers! ~~Credits~~ - WindedNumber1 [for handy tools from Video Assistant and TOOLGUN titles] - Jason 278 [for porting several handy models] - Nexus_Elite [for TF2 better phys v2] - Jackrabbit Slams [for Female Heavy sounds] - ChemicalAlia [for many TF2 Female models] - Rebbacus [for TF2 nude , Announcer, Civilian and Miss Pauling models] - DustyOldRoses [for helping me with fixing the...

wides.pl UQjOkY_Vd6s
  • 24-3-2020
  • 09:00

No Audio. After more than 20 crashes in Unreal Engine, I decided to give up on this short project and rendered what I have.

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Project Sol Remix: Ruins SOLREMIX
  • 29-9-2019
  • 31:00

Note: There is no audio. Heres my entry to Nvidia Contest called Project Sol Remix: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/design-visualization/project-sol-contest/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for lack of audio... Im still learning Unreal Engine 4... and getting audio to work properly in a level sequencer is tricky. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Coverop Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cover0p/ Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/coverop

wides.pl JqPwDheAYMc
  • 25-3-2019
  • 09:00

This is still W.i.P Im going to UK for couple of days, so I decided to upload this than nothing.

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All Drifter Gambit Coin tricks
  • 10-3-2019
  • 01:31

Drifter knows some tricks.

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W.i.P Orbiter in UE4
  • 27-2-2019
  • 03:34

Im not dead, I just dont have inspiration. Anyway. Ive been working on Orbiter since 2018 and I never finished It. The level you see is like 90% complete (Spoiler Room #2 is unfinished) The lighting is reworked to make It look more interesting. The lighting in some areas is still unfinished. The original light in Orbiter (ship) is very poor, especially the Personal Quarter area. P.S| I decided to upload something because of the drama that is happening... even tho, this video has nothing to do with the drama.

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Dark Souls Remastered Smart or Dumb AI?
  • 22-7-2018
  • 38:00

A friend of mine convinced me to play one of the Dark Souls game. Ive chosen to play Dark Souls Remastered... and sometime later, this happens. Ive NEVER seen AI closing the door in any video game before.

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UE4 ARR test1
  • 6-6-2018
  • 12:00

Another... test.

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UE4 render test 4k 60fps
  • 29-5-2018
  • 06:00


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UE4 Sequencer Physics test
  • 10-3-2018
  • 04:00

Im not dead. Im just super lazy :(

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VRchat] Corpus Ship Room W.i.P
  • 18-1-2018
  • 01:02

IT WORKS! But there is still soo much to do with this project. I havent figured out what was causing my framerate when I invited a person. Weird enough It only affected me... the invited person didnt suffer from frame drops. Music: Numb Limb Lips - The 129ers

wides.pl huDKnvShd3g
Excalibur Prime in VRchat
  • 11-1-2018
  • 02:32

Note: This video represents full body tracking (HTC Vive + Vive Controllers + 3 Vive Trackers) I have become Excalibur Prime... in VRchat. Devices used: - HTC Vive - Vive Controllers - 3 x Vive Trackers Huuuuuuge thanks to Grim_2o0o for recording me.

wides.pl dWb2vlpyOfg
Loot boxes in Oculus Home
  • 29-12-2017
  • 01:00

Loot boxes in Oculus Home. Not even VR is safe from Loot boxes fate. There is no escape. ================================ This is a filler video.

wides.pl 1qdxoBNepO4
UE4] Door test
  • 22-12-2017
  • 23:00

I made few doors. Very useful. I'm gonna go back to creating some Warframe content soon.

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The Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Contest | Co-op
  • 24-11-2017
  • 26:00

My entry to The Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Contest. Here's a link to forum. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/876848-the-tenno%E2%80%99s-greatest-trailer-contest/ Music: Digital Extremes - Warframe Soundtrack - 10 Wings Of War ------------------------------ Special thanks to these amazing fams! Numbersclone Komppu Ekzarcun CrusaderTheFirst -Banisher- BoilingVolcano Crimsor LethaliTy_ Maier112 Bachuuu RaiZu --- Lalaef --- Major_Tenno Pepcio_Chlebcio BlackVertex DemptKnight I couldn't have done this without you bois....

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Stages of Excalibur Prime
  • 5-11-2017
  • 02:47

No effort video. The original concept had more void scenes...but It missed some scenes explaining Excalibur Prime appearance.