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who is in control? || MMV MEP
  • 23-9-2017
  • 03:37

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] Hey hey heeeeeeeyyyy! Here I am with Who is in control MEP! It's finally done uwu I want to thank everyone who participated in this project for their hard work! I really love how it turned out!!!! All of you did such a good job, really. OHH and special thanks go to NekoLov3r13 for being an amazing backup and for LadyKuro and TheOwlieFox for helping me out with taking 2 parts ;u; song; /watch?v=so8V5dAli-Q (pitched) footage; listed below intro: xJamieBaka || Corpse Party 1: Arimono || Owari no Seraph 2: xKametashi || Tokyo...

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2 men 1 fist
  • 23-9-2017
  • 47:00

i nearly pissed myself this anime is a blessing to this world anime; one punch man song; yello- oh yeah

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  • 23-9-2017
  • 22:00

another mep part yayyys (/.u.)/ anime; kill la kill full mep; --- beautiful hoster; https://www.youtube.com/user/TheEmeraldBeauty/

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「 ♔ RYS 」mikayuu || déjà vu
  • 23-9-2017
  • 27:00

just a mep part for the awesome RYS :v manga; owari no seraph full mep; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig37uPfdrIg studio; https://www.youtube.com/user/RoyalYaoiStudio

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  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:05

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] ♥♥♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED SINNAMON ROLL♥♥♥ Aaaaahhh where do i begin.. OKAY first of all, i suck at bday wishes just so you know. don't judge please. Hhh let's just get this over omg. Ayy my lil' Pico I wish you everything best!! to get better in editing (even tho its impossible since you're already perfect??? so???idk???), to kill me more often with your fucking gorg videos (yes!!!!please!!!!) and ye. I wish you more subs because gurl, seriously, you really deserve like thousands and 3 more okay. Also, I wish that we...

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OnS AMV || apocalypse is coming
  • 23-9-2017
  • 02:27

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] yea another edit from me. tbh i began making this amv like.. in april????? but after making 30 seconds, i was like NAH and dropped this project. thanks to Maddie (she convinced me to continue this orz), i decided to finish this amv and i'm quite proud of it! ik that sometimes the flow isn't on point nor the beat BUT idc. i love the song v much so it was a pleasure to edit with it c: ok ann out~ footage & song name (at the beginning of video) ~~~~~~ This video is PURELY fan made. It is in no way associated with the...

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  • 23-9-2017
  • 49:00

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] idk just a quick 1,5h edit with one of my fav anime. footage; aoharu x kikanjuu song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuNsApkBY5E ~~~~~~ This video is PURELY fan made. It is in no way associated with the musical artist or the anime/manga company. I do not own the song or the show, all material is used for my personal use and not for gain. All material is copyrighted to its original owners "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism,...

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「 ♔ RYS 」BEAST || Multi-Otp AMV
  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:36

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] PLS DON'T HATE ME FOR MY SHIPS/ cries O M G !!! THANK YOU GUYS FOR 17.000 SUBSCRIBES!!!!! /throws confetti I'm-... I'm just speechless. I don't know what to say. Because dammit, I'd never expect that so many people would like to follow such a shitty channel like mine tbh. Sometimes when I read comments/messages you send to me, I'm so so happy to hear how much my videos mean to you and how they bring a little piece of joy into your life. Thanks to you guys it made me rerealize why I love making videos so much. SO THANK YOU...

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「 ♔ RYS 」shuuneki || tout à fait normal
  • 23-9-2017
  • 32:00

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] ayyyy im still alive c: aaannnddd here goes my part for a shuuneki collab it took me ages to finish it because, well, i was animating for the very first time. tbh im not hating it. think i will try to animate more in the future c: anime; tokyo ghoul couple; tsukiyama x kaneki song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvSupIEOfHg full collab; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQGv8KguUN0 if you want to see my friends parts, click the links below: Alices part; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZyxcyCHiXg Sophias part;...

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  • 23-9-2017
  • 23:00

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] OKAY BEFORE I START,,,,,,,, GUREN IS MINE DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM i REALLY hate this one but damn i wanted to upload at least one of my OnS videos (im working on 3 other vids rn shh) and this one actually was the easiest to finish so yeah. im so sorry :'c but aNYWAY. CAN WE HAVE A MINUTE TO APPRECIATE THESE TWO HOT DADDIES. I'M JUST SOOOO OBSESSED WITH THEM. especially Guren. oh. god. yes. jesus take the wheel i'm out footage; owari no seraph song (pitched); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRpd1md2H6s ~~~~~~ This...

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Tokyo GAY CRACK! #3
  • 23-9-2017
  • 03:57

eh. watch in HD i guess

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Kaneki... Let's just go home
  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:59

don't talk to me

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tsukiyama eats the whole ass
  • 23-9-2017
  • 02:20

I have a headcanon that Tsukiyama, as a gourmet, eats only the best parts of a human’s body, which actually happens to be hTE ASS. He eats lots of ass. The whole ass. aND HES NOT ASHAMED OF IT. Special thanks goes to my Daddy, who inspires me with his cummies every day. Follow my Daddie’s tumblr for hot Daddy pictures. You’ll love ‘em♥ http://sugoibullshit.tumblr.com/ http://sugoibullshit.tumblr.com/ http://sugoibullshit.tumblr.com/ http://sugoibullshit.tumblr.com/ http://sugoibullshit.tumblr.com/ Footage; tokyo ghoul Original...

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shuuneki || insane NSFW
  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:14

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] Jfc during rendering SV crashed like 25437658 times and I had to render it all night I’m so mad rn. Who needs sleep anyway? But aaaaaaay Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ^A^ & Happy Birthday for my lovely babies Uru and Robin♥ (shh kinda belated for u Rob but still)!!!!! I know you both love Shuuneki as much as I do so I hope you will like this one c’: Also I’d like to dedicate this AMV to my beloved Shuuneki squad aka Shunpike Eggs♥ *shoves this vid up all of your asses* Enjoy homies -u- As promised, this vid goes also for...

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tokyo ghoul√A || I’m not going back to Anteiku
  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:25

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] ~~THANK YOU FOR +6K SUBS!!!!!!~~ Wow for once I have something written in the description //cries. All because SV took ages to render this fukcing video and Is2g it’s past 3am I don’t have enough patience for this shit. BUT 2ND SEASON JUST CAME OUT AND HOLY JESUS 1st EPISODE WAS BRILLIANT. Idk why is everyone hating so much on Ishida-sensei for changing the whole plot of the anime (((although I was waiting for all those Shuuneki moments to be animated but nah ;_;)))). It’s really good so far and I’m kinda excited...

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L O V E - M A K I N G
  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:09

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] im so in love with this anime holy shit it's glorious magical gay boys are what i need hte most rn SHOVE A LOVE STICK UP MY BUTT anime; binan koukou chikyuu bouei-bu love! song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81Mw7Z9AOkw This video is PURELY fan made. It is in no way associated with the musical artist or the anime/manga company. I do not own the song or the show, all material is used for my personal use and not for gain. All material is copyrighted to its original owners "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the...

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Tokyo GAY CRACK! #2
  • 23-9-2017
  • 06:09

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] Shuuneki is love, Shuuneki is life.. I'm sorry for making it so gay. But this ship man. U know what I mean. Srry, but I'm too lazy now to put all the clips I used. It's 1 a.m. and I'm kinda sleepy. Maybe later c: Peace. [UPDATE!!] wow it's been almost a year and i still havent listed down all the links i used mmmmmmmmmmmmmoHm Y GOD IM A PIECE OF TRASH IM SORRY This video is PURELY fan made. It is in no way associated with the musical artist or the anime/manga company. I do not own the song or the show, all...

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DMMd || my possession;
  • 23-9-2017
  • 36:00

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] you can dislike already~ just a shitty quickie with my fav dick squad sry. i didn't mean to make it look gorgeous or anything bUT LOOK. OVA INCLUDING ALL THE BAD ENDS. GOD IS REAL anime; dramatical murder ova song (pitched by me); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQzif_nVt0A

wides.pl n3zI8mMk7ug
  • 23-9-2017
  • 03:45

[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ] ;;;;;;like for the epic intro;;;;;; GODDAMNIT i had to reupload it like 143392696969 times because yt kept on messing the quality????? Fukc me in hte ass please I had that super duper long description and i even bothered to put source link to every clip I used in this crack.BUT OF COURSE OF COURSE YT HAD TO FUCK IT UP AS WELL. seriously what did i do to deserve this....... oh.. oh of course. i made THIS video.. . . . karma is merciless Clips used in video (in order): 0:08 - 0:14 ; idk, some vine 0:15 - 0:32 ; Creepy Text...

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when touka isn't home
  • 23-9-2017
  • 54:00

my channel is the bottom of a trash can i should be making mep parts but fuck you, imma do some more dumb shit like this instead.