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Roaring 20s: Ben Bernie Orchestra There&039;s A Cradle In Caroline, 1928 Instrumental
  • 1 dni temu
  • 03:15

Ben BERNIE and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra – There’s A Cradle In Caroline, Fox-Trot (Lewis-Young-Ahlert) Brunswick (recorded in NYC in 1927, pressed in Germany in 1928). NOTE: This is just a brief note, considering the Bernie band’s recordings have been frequently presented in this channel and usually with vast biographical info. Ben BERNIE (born 1891 as Benjamin Anselevitz in NYC – died 1943 in Hollywood, CA) was an American dance bandleader, violinist & composer ("Sweet Georgia Brown"), he was educated at the NY College of Music and...

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Roaring Twenties: The Benson Orchestra of Chicago I Love You Sunday, 1920
  • 2 dni temu
  • 03:24

The Benson Orchestra of Chicago – I Love You Sunday (introducing „Ev’rybody Calls Me Honey”) Fox-Trot (Charley Straight) Victor 1920 (USA) NOTE: The Benson Orchestra of Chicago was an American dance band run in Chicago area by the Chicagoan cellist and impresario Edgar A. Benson. He actually managed to direct several commercially oriented dance orchestras during the decade 1920-1930, each of which was billed as “Benson Orchestra of Chicago”. Various musicians were contracted to play in Benson’s bands, including many future jazz or dance...

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Roaring 20s: Piccadilly Players dir. Mel Morris Someday Soon, 1929
  • 4 dni temu
  • 02:51

Piccadilly Players, dir. Mel Morris – Someday Soon, Fox-Trot (R. & V. Duncan – E. Fischer) with Vocal Chorus by J. Donald Parker, Edison Needle Type 1929 (USA) NOTE: When in the mid-1927, mass electrical recordings began in most of the American recording companies, Edison was the last major record producer to adopt it, over two years after Victor Records, Columbia Records, and Brunswick Records had converted from acoustical recording. The lateral-cut thin “needle type” Edison records were introduced in August of 1929 but although their...

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1929: Hanka Ordonówna Gdy jesień się zaczyna When Autumn Begins... Polish Chanson
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:38

Hanka Ordonówna & piano – Gdy jesień się zaczyna [When Autumn Begins…] Chanson (Music & lyrics by Michał Tyszkiewicz) Syrena-Electro, 1929 (Polish) NOTE: Hanka ORDONÓWNA (b. 1902 in Warsaw, Poland – d. 1950 in Beyrouth, Lebanon) greatest star of the Polish interwar song. Her popularity in Poland can be only compared to that of Edith Piaf in France or Gracie Fields in UK. Born to an indigent family of the railway man, she sought for the better living joining the children’s ballet and finally being given a chance to make her debut in age of...

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Berlin 1926: Bernard Etté Tanz Orchester Schöne Frau, wo wohnst du?
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  • 03:08

Bernard Etté Tanz-Orchester - Schöne Frau, wo wohnst Du? [Pretty Lady, Where Do You Live?] Foxtrot (King, Henderson – Beda) Vox, 1926 (Germany) NOTE: Bernard Etté (b. 1898 in Kassel, Germany – d. 1973 in Mühldorf) German jazz and light music bandleader and violinist. Etté was the son of a hairdresser and studied music at the Conservatory in Kassel. He initially worked with the renowned dance bandleader and composer Carl Robrecht playing violin, piano and banjo. In the mid-1920s Etté formed his own band to play in Berlin nightclubs and...

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Roaring 20s: Edwin J McEnelly&039;s Orch. Just Cross The River From Queens, 1927
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  • 03:20

Edwin J. McEnelly’s Orchestra – Just Cross The River From Queens, Fox-Trot from the Musical Comedy “Bye Bye Bonnie” (Fleeson – Von Tilzer) Vocal Refrain: Frederick L. Wade, Victor 1927 (USA) NOTE: I could be wrong, but according to my investigation, a nice riverside picnic place in the Queens neighborhood must be some bathing spot on the East River. Therefore I chose for the slideshow photos of some young New Yorkers bathing in the East River, in the old days when the river was swimmable. But, as it seems, it is again, as evidenced by the...

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Roaring Twenties: George Hall & His Orch. After I Took You Into My Heart, 1928
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  • 02:36

George Hall and His Orchestra – After I Took You Into My Heart, Fox-Trot (Dubin-Herbert-McConnell) with Vocal Refrain, Cameo 1928 (USA) NOTE: George HALL (1893 – 1989) American bandleader in the 1920s and 1930s. Hall started performing with his own band in the 1920s in the Arcadia Ballroom, 51st Broadway, New York, as "George Hall and His Arcadians". The band was successful, and they made recordings for Pathe Actuelle and other smaller recording firms. In the early 1930s the band moved to the Grill Room of the Taft Hotel in New York and...

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Tango from Paris 1934: Tino Rossi Après toi je n&039;aurai plus d&039;amour
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:53

Tino Rossi with Orchestra - Après toi je n'aurai plus d'amour [There Shall be No One After You] Tango (Vincent Scotto - Géo Koger), Columbia Masterworks (Product of USA after 1945; Original recording France 1934) NOTE: Here’s one more beautiful Parisian tango written by Vincent Scotto, the Marseille-born French composer of an Italian origin. During the interwar years until early 1950s, Vincent Scotto was a composer of music for innumerable French films, in that number Zouzou with Joséphine Baker (1934), Marinella with Tino Rossi...

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Polish Tango 1932: Lolita sung by Tadeusz Faliszewski
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:13

Tadeusz Faliszewski & Syrena Rekord Orch. – Lolita (A. Miszułowicz – St. Mar) Tango from revue-theatre „Ananas”, Syrena-Electro 1932 (Polish) NOTE: This tango was presented in the 1932 revue „Pod maską” (Under The Mask) at the ephemeral Warsaw cabaret „Ananas”, located in a busiest centre of prewar Warsaw in Marszałkowska Avenue. Soon redesignated as the “New Ananas”, the theatre collapsed in the end of 1932 after performing its last show entitled “Ratlerek – Hitlerek” (Hitler the Ratler) - a satire on the winning German new political...

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Russian foxtrot 1935: Peter Lescenco Dunya I love your dumplings!
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:02

Peter Lescenso mit Orchester (dir. Georges Corologos) - Dunea [How I Love Your Dumplings, Dunya) Russian Foxtrot (Mark Maryanovski), Columbia c. 1935 (Austria) NOTE: Sometimes the title of this lovely Russian foxtrot (composed by a Russian composer Mark Maryanovski) is given not as “Dunya”(the Russian female name) but “Bliny” (the dumplings). Whatever the case, the refrain of this song contains both the name of Dunia (German: Dunea) and the "bliny" (dumplings). Oh, How I Love Your Dumplings, Dunya! sings Leshcenco in unison. “Bliny” is a...

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Jazz Age The Happy Six Karavan, 1919
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:41

The Happy Six – Karavan, Fox-Trot (Wiedoeft), Columbia 1919 (USA) NOTE: The Happy Six (also labelled as Yerkes’ Happy Six ) was the American dance band consisting of Alcide Nunez (cl) Ross Gorman (as) Ted Fiorito (p) prob. Arthur Lange (bj) George Hamilton Green, Joe Green (d,xyl) and Harry A. Yerkes (ldr). Harry Yerkes was a marimba player, inventor, and recording manager who assembled many recording sessions in the early years of jazz. Many of the recording sessions organized by Yerkes used his name for the artist credit, including...

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The High Hatters, dir. Leonard Joy Me! 1930
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:08

The High Hatters dir. Leonard Joy – Med! Fox-Trot (I. Berlin) Vocal refrain by Frank Luther, Victor 1930 (USA) NOTE: The High Hatters were a Victor studio orchestra led by Leonard Joy – a music director for Victor and later Decca Records, band leader and songwriter. Joy directed a large number of dance orchestras for the company, including the Southerners, All String Orchestra, and many uncredited bands yet his most notable orchestra was The High Hatters – considered as one of the finest American dance bands of the late 1920s and early...

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Jan Garber & His Orch. &039;Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, 1928
  • 4 tyg temu
  • 02:42

Jan Garber and His Orchestra – ‘Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Fox-Trot (Creamer and Layton) Columbia 1928 (USA) NOTE: Jan GARBER (1894, Indianapolis, Indiana - 1977, Shreveport, Louisiana) led one of the longest–living American 20th century dance bands, and whose successful career covers five decades, from 1920s into the early 1970s. Garber's 1920's band played in the 'hot' or 'Jazz' music style. But in the early 1930's, he decided to switch to „sweet" dance music. In the 1920s he hired for some time Adrian Rollini (sax, vibraphone) and...

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Tadeusz Faliszewski & Henryk Wars&039; Orch. Abdul Bej, 1932
  • 16-9-2021
  • 03:13

Tadeusz Faliszewski – Abdul Bey, Fokstrot arabski [The Arabian Fox-Trot] (Fanny Gordon – L. Szmaragd) z ork. HenrykaWarsa [acc. by Henryk Wars’ Orch.] Syrena-Electro 1932 (Polish) NOTE: Polish foxtrot "Abdul Bey" – the "Arabian Foxtrot" was composed by the outstanding composer of many hits Fanny Gordon - author, among others, of the great international hit “Pod samovarem” [U Samovara], the Apache's java/waltz "Bal na Gnojnej" [A Ball On On the Dunghill Street] or tangos “Skrwawione Serce” [My Bleeding Heart] and "Nietoperze” [The Bats)....

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Roaring 20s: Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orch. I&039;m Sitting On Top Of The World, 1925
  • 12-9-2021
  • 03:18

Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra – I’m Sitting On Top Of The World (Just Rolling Along, Just Rolling Along) Fox-Trot (Young-Lewis-Henderson) Victor 1925 (USA) NOTE: Roger Wolfe KAHN (1907-1963) – American bandleader, son and heir of wealthy banker Otto Kahn. He began to study music at an early age and has mastered several instruments. In 1923, at age of 16 he became a bandleader when his father bought him the Arthur Lange Orchestra. Roger proved to be a talented bandleader and his group became an attraction in the New...

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Roaring Twenties: Willie Creager & His Orchestra Broadway Melody, 1929
  • 10-9-2021
  • 02:51

Willie Creager & His Orchestra – Broadway Melody (from The Broadway Melody) Fox-Trot (Freed-Brown) with Vocal Chorus by Jerry White, Banner 1929 (USA) NOTE: Very little is known about this bandleader and his really fine orchestra. All I succeeded in was finding out in the web original photo of Willie Creager and his Ambassadors Orchestra published in the Vocalion Records leaflet in ca 1924 – a proof that such American dance band existed at all (Some claim that “Willie Creager” was one of many pseudonyms used by Adrian Schubert’s...

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London 1929: The New Mayfair Orch. Do Something
  • 7-9-2021
  • 03:26

New Mayfair Orchestra (dir. by Carroll Gibbons) – Do Something, Fox-Trot from the film “Nothing But the Truth” (Green-Stept) with Vocal refrain, HMV 1929 (UK) NOTE: "Do Something" (1929) is a song written by Sam H. Stept and Bud Green for the Paramount Pictures sound comedy Nothing But the Truth released in USA in March 1929, in which the song was performed by Helen Kane. The scene of Kane singing this song is missing from the only existing print of the movie. However, the song was presented also in the film Syncopation released in April...

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Roaring Twenties: Paul Whiteman&039;s Orch. Georgia, 1922
  • 5-9-2021
  • 03:17

Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - Georgia, Fox-Trot (Donaldson) Victor 1922 NOTE: Here is another piece of music for a sunny Sunday morning that no one needs to be encouraged to listen to. The orchestra of the youthful Paul Whiteman in his usual top form. And a lovely acoustic recording, which not only I love on this channel.

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Polish Tango 1938: Stefan Witas & Orch. Iwo Wesby Z tęsknoty za dziewczyną Longing For A Girl
  • 3-9-2021
  • 03:08

Stefan Witas & Ork. Iwo Wesby – Z tęsknoty za dziewczyną [Longing for a girl / my violin plays con sordino) Tango z rewii “Ktoś z nas zwariował” ” [One Of Us Has Gone Mad] z teatru “Cyrulik Warszawski” (Michał Gastman “Gaston”– Marian Hemar “Harriman”) Syrena –Electro 1938 (Polish) NOTE: This record was issued one year before outbreak of the 2nd WW, when Poland was attacked almost simultaenously by its two neighbours Germany and Russia, in September 1939. As my parents rremembered, the summer months of 1939 were exceptionally hot. The...

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Jazz Age 1929: Alfredo & His Band I&039;d Rather Be Blue Over You
  • 31-8-2021
  • 02:58

Alfredo & His Band – I’d Rather Be Blue Over You (Then be happy with somebody else) Fox-Trot (Rose-Fisher) with Vocal Chorus, Edison Bell Winner 1929 (UK) NOTE: Alfredo (né Alfred Gill) -British bandleader and violinist of the years 1920/30s. In the early 20th century he was touring the halls as Alfredo, the Vagabond Violinist. Between 1922 -25 he was a member of Jack Hylton's band to form in 1925 a 9-piece band of his own, that played for about 2 years at the fashionable New Princes Restaurant in London. He recorded for Edison Bell from...