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Jazz USA 1930: Harry Dial and His Blusicians Poison
  • 1 dni temu
  • 03:04

Harry Dial and His Blusicians – Poison, Fox-Trot (Dial), Vocalion 1930 NOTE: Harry DIAL (b.1907, Birmingham, Alabama – d. 1987, New York, USA) – one of the legendary names of the early jazz. He played classic drums as well as vibraphone, made vocals and was a dance bandleader. Harry Dial gained first experience as a drummer in 1920 in St. Louis with Dewey Jackson and Lawrence Marable, then from the mid-1920s mainly with Fats Waller ("Don't Let It Bother You") and Louis Armstrong, whom he also served as musical director in the 1930s. As one...

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1934: Adam Aston & Ork. Henryka Warsa Marika
  • 4 dni temu
  • 03:09

Adam Aston & Orkiestra Henryka Warsa - Marika (Moja Marika spod Debreczyna) Fokstrot węgierski [My Marica From Debrecen - Hungarian Fox-Trot] Muz. J.& H. Rosner – Tekst: A. Jellin, Syrena-Electro 1934 (Polish) NOTE: Polish artists duet from interwar Warsaw: Henryk Wars with his dance band and Adam Aston (singing) never fails. This elegant Polish-Hungarian foxtrot is accompanied by a slideshow composed of several most elegant prewar dance venues in Poland. Those were the days... Most of those places is now gone, forever. The chickest...

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Roaring Twenties: Ben Pollack & His Orch. Sentimental Baby, 1928
  • 6 dni temu
  • 03:38

Ben Pollack & His Park Central Orchestra – Sentimental Baby (Jack Palmer) Fox-Trot with Vocal refrain by Gene Austin, Victor 1928 (USA) NOTE: Ben POLLACK (b.1903 in Chicago – d. 1971 in Palm Springs, California) Born to a wealthy Jewish /American family of the fur merchants, Ben Pollack was a talented self-taught drummer, in early 1920s he became the drummer for the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, a top jazz outfit in the early 1920s. In 1924 he played for several bands, including West Coast, which led to his forming a band there in 1925....

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Roaring Twenties: Ben Berlin&039;s Orchestra You&039;re the Cream In My Coffee, 1929
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:21

You’re The Cream In My Coffee [Süß wie Kaffeesahne] Fox-trot (Sylva-Brown-Henderson) [from the Musical Comedy “Hold Everything”] - Ben Berlin m.s. Orchester, Grammophon 1929 (Germany) NOTE: Ben BERLIN (né Hermann Biek, 1896 in Tallinn, Estonia – d. 1944 in London, UK) - Estonian jazz and entertainment musician (piano, composition, arrangement) and a dance band leader. Born to a Jewish family (his father Moische Biek was a bookbinder) Ben Berlin in his teen years of age performed as a pianist in Tallinn. After graduating from school in...

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Roaring Twenties: Julie Wintz & His Hofbrau Orch. Magnolia, 1927
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 02:57

Julie Wintz & His Hofbrau Orchestra - Magnolia, Fox-Trot (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson), Harmony 1927 (USA) NOTE: I have no idea who the American bandleader Julie Wintz was and there is almost nothing on the Internet about him. He certainly led an excellent dance orchestra. The funny foreign-language insertion the Hofbrau Orchester in the band's name (a beer garden, or a brewery orchestra) can testify to his German origins. In the future I will come back to his recordings.

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Hanka Ordonówna 1932 Tango Yira, yira... Musisz, musisz
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:17

Hanka Ordonówna & piano – Musisz, musisz (Yira, yira…) [You Must, You Must...] Tango (E. Discepolo – M. Hemar) Syrena-Electro, 1932 (Polish) NOTE: Although endowed with a rather small voice, Hanka ORDONÓWNA (b. 1902 in Warsaw, Poland – d. 1952 in Beirut, Lebanon) has become an unforgettable phenomenon in history of the Polish song. A fascinating performer,who aroused admiration and envy of other performers, unable to see where her magic derived from. It was certainly an incredible power of her passionate expression of loving, yet tamed up...

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1930 The Flamingo Melodians Should I?
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:20

The Flamingo Melodians (Phil Spitalny’s Orchestra) with Vocal Refrain - Should I? Fox-Trot from the Motion Picture “Lord Byron of Broadway” (Freed-Brown), Parlophone 1929 (USA) NOTE: Phil SPITALNY (b. 1890 in a village near Odessa, Russia – d. 1970 Miami Beach, Fl) Russian - American musician, music critic, composer, and bandleader heard often on radio during the 1930s and 1940s. He rose to fame after 1934, when he led an all-female orchestra, a novelty at the time. A child prodigy on clarinet, Phil Spitalny studied music in Odessa...

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Ragtime 1913 Jim Reese Europe&039;s Orchestra Too Much Mustard
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:55

Europe’s Society Orchestra - Too Much Mustard, Turkey-Trot (Mackey) Victor 1913 (USA) NOTE: This turkey-trot, composed in 1911 was recorded by several prime American artists (Teresa Brewer, The Pryor’s Orchestra) to become during the years shortly before the 1st WW a dance hit on the both sides of Atlantic. Europe’s Society Orchestra was a dance band led by the American conductor James Reese EUROPE (b. 1881 in Mobile – d. 1919 in Boston) - an important figure in prehistory of American jazz, who popularised ragtime for orchestra. In...

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1934 Poland: Chór Juranda sings March of the Aviators Marsz lotników
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:56

Chór Juranda [The Jurand’s Ensemble] & Ork. Syrena-Rekord – Marsz lotników [March of the Aviators] (na podst. Marsza Kosynierów z 1794 r.) [based on the March of The Scythe Bearing Warriors from 1794] Arr. Stanisław Latwis, Tekst: A. Zasuszanka, Syrena-Electro 1934 (Polish) NOTE: Pre-war Poland was a country of great contrasts. 150 years of captivity during the partitions of the territory of Poland between Russia, Prussia and Austria in the period from the end of the 18th century to the First World War, caused huge differences in the...

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Viennese Operetta: Julius Patzak Sei gepriesen, du lauschige Nacht, 1939
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:26

Julius Patzak, Tenor, Nationaltheater München & Orchester der Staatsoper, Berlin - Seigepriesen, du lauschige Nacht [Be Praised, You Cozy Night!] a.d. Operette “Die Landstreicher” [The Vagabonds] (C.M. Ziehrer) Grammophon 1939 (Germany) NOTE: “Die Landstreicher” is an Austrian operetta in 2 acts by Carl Michael Ziehrer. The libretto was written by Leopold Krenn and Karl Lindau. It was first performed on 26 July 1899 at the Venice Summer Theatre in Vienna. Of the 22 operettas Ziehrer composed, only Die Landstreicher proved to be of some...

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Paris Cabaret 1905 "Indiana" Two Step, Grammophon Orchester
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:59

Indiana (Crémieux) Two-Step /American March – Grammophon-Orchester, Concert Record “Gramophone” 1905 (Germany) NOTE: “Indiana” was a great hit perfomed on stage of the famous Parisian cabaret Bal Tabarin, by popular French comedian and singer Mayol. Bal Tabarin was located at 36, rue Victor-Massé in the 9th arrondissement at the foot of Montmartre. Founded in 1904 by the composer and conductor Auguste Bosc, it was built on the site of makeshift barracks near the cabaret of chansonniers, Les Tréteaux de Tabarin. It was an immediate success...

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1905 Twostep: Indiana Grammophon Orchester
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 02:57

Indiana (Crémieux) Two-Step /American March – Grammophon-Orchester, Concert Record “Gramophone” 1905 (Germany) NOTE: “Indiana” was a great hit perfomed on stage of the famous Parisian Cabaret Bal Tabarin, by popular French comedian and singer Mayol. Bal Tabarin was located at 36, rue Victor-Massé in the 9th arrondissement at the foot of Montmartre. Founded in 1904 by the composer and conductor Auguste Bosc, it was built on the site of makeshift barracks near the cabaret of chansonniers, Les Tréteaux de Tabarin. It was an immediate success...

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Roaring Twenties: Red Sanders & His Orchestra What Could Be Sweeter Than You?, 1925
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 02:56

What Could Be Sweeter Than You? Fox-Trot (Cliff Friend - Lew Brown) – Red Sanders & His Orchestra, Vocal chorus: James Teele, Gennett 1925 (USA) NOTE: The Red Sanders Orchestra seems to be a label nick name of one of the jazz/dance bands collaborating with Gennett’s Records in the 1920s. Between 1922 and 1928, a small and rather primitive Gennett recording studio in rural Richmond, Indiana became a focal point for a hot jazz revolution in USA. The studio was located in the back of the Starr piano factory, where the gramophones and other...

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1928: Paul Whiteman Orch. My Melancholy Baby
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 04:36

My Melancholy Baby (Ernie Burnett – Geo Norton) - Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra with Vocal Chorus (by Bing Crosby), Columbia 1928 (Rec. in USA; produce of UK) NOTE: This special 4,5 min. recording was made by Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra in an unusual line –up: Bix Beiderbecke (cnt) Harry Goldfield, Eddie Pinder, Charlie Margulis (tp) Bill Rank, Boyce Cullen, Wilbur Hall, Jack Fulton (tb) Irving Friedman (cl) Chester Hazlett (cl,b-cl,as) Charles Strickfaden (as,bar) Frankie Trumbauer (c-mel) Roy "Red" Mayer (ts) Rube Crozier (ts,bassax) Roy...

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Polish tango 1934: Tadeusz Faliszewski Pieśń o miłości I&039;m Singing a Song Of Love For You
  • 30-10-2020
  • 03:29

Tadeusz Faliszewski (aka Jan Pobóg) & Orchestra (dir. by Henryk Wars?) - Pieśń o miłości (Ich singe dir ein Liebeslied) [I’m Singing a Song of Love For You] Tango-serenada (H.May – A. Włast) z filmu Josepha Schmidta “Ein Stern fällt vom Himmel" [from Joseph Schmidt’s film “A Star Falls From Heaven”] Melodja-Electro 1934 (Polish) NOTE: It’s a Polish version of one of many Golden Hits performed in the 1930s by great German singing actor (or the acting singer) Joseph Schmidt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41XRGL-55Wk This version - lovely...

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London 1926: Percival Mackey&039;s Band That Certain Feeling Gershwin
  • 29-10-2020
  • 02:52

That Certain Feeling, Fox-Trot from “Tip Toes” (G. & I. Gershwin) – Percival Mackey’s Dance Band, Columbia 1926 (UK) NOTE: The recent events in Poland make our days really busy and turbulent. The street demonstrations and violent assaults on the catholic churches are something completely new in our public life and make me more and more worried and almost unable to present in this channel some new cheerful videos with joyful dance music from the past. Yesterday, I took part in the Citizen's Guard, which defended the gateway of one of the...

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1930: Jack Payne & BBC Dance Orchestra Falling In Love Again Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß…
  • 25-10-2020
  • 03:16

Falling In Love Again [Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß… ] English Waltz (Hollaender) – Jack PAYNE & His BBC Dance Orchestra, with Vocal Chorus (Jack Plant), Columbia 1930 (UK) NOTE: An immortal beautiful tune, a fine English dance band and vocalist, what else can be needed? Enjoy it! 

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Berlin Tango 1930: Marek Weber Tanz Orch. Lieber kleiner Eintänzer
  • 22-10-2020
  • 03:04

Marek WEBER und sein Orchester - Lieber kleiner Eintänzer (Lovely Little Gigolo) Tango (Willy Rosen – Robert Gilbert) mit Refraingesang, Electrola (Germany) 1930 NOTE: The “gigolos” (in German: eintänzer or vortänzer) were in the first decades of 20th century, the good looking men hired at the night clubs to keep company with the elder & rich women, especially when dancing. In their most, they were immoral individuals, surrounded by the contempt of other men and very often, the sighing of women who were in love with them. In the 1920s, the...

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Charleston 1925: Hot Hot Hottentot! Dave Harman & His Orchestra
  • 21-10-2020
  • 04:23

Dave Harman & His Orchestra – Hot-Hot-Hottentot (Fred Fisher) Fox-Trot /Charleston, Edison 1925 (USA) NOTE: There’s almost nothing I was able to find in the web about Dave Harman and his band. He seems to be connected with the Chicago area. In the early 1920s his name appears among members of the famous The Wolverines where he performs as a singer. In the mid 1920s he starts recording for the Edison records and his band seems to be still active in USA through the Thirties (Dave Harman’s band can be found on Bluebird records in the mid 1930s).

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Polish Tango 1932: Tadeusz Faliszewski Skrwawione serce My Bleeding Heart
  • 19-10-2020
  • 03:55

Tadeusz Faliszewski z Orkiestrą - Skrwawione serce (My Bleeding Heart) Tango (Fanny Gordon – Walery Jastrzębiec) z teatru Nowy Ananas (from revue theatre „Nowy Ananas’) Syrena-Electro (Polish) 1932 NOTE: This tango belongs to the Polish prewar tango icons. Composed by Fanny Gordon for Tadeusz Faliszewski to present on stage of the 2nd row Warsaw revue theatre “Nowy Ananas” it became a hit when was sung and recorded by Polish “Queen of Tango”, Stanisława Nowicka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3mYQWBMaKY Also Adam Aston recorded a...