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Tadeusz Faliszewski Czy to warto być upartą, 1935
  • 2 dni temu
  • 03:28

Tadeusz Faliszewski & Ork. Syrena-Rekord (dir. by Henryk Wars?) - Czy to warto (być upartą?) [Is it worth being stubborn? And keeping saying that you never, that you don't?] Slowfox z filmu “Nie miała baba kłopotu” [from the film comedy Hasn’t She Had Enough Worries?] (H.Wars – K.Tom) Syrena-Electro 1935 (Polish) NOTE: That forgotten prewar Polish comedy, hovewer, had some nice songs composed by Henryk Wars. One of them is the romantic slowfox “Is It Worth Being Stubborn? And Keeping Repeating That You Never, That You Won’t?). it It is...

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1920s London Jazz: Percival Mackey&039;s Band Fascinating Rhythm, 1926
  • 6 dni temu
  • 03:22

Percival Mackey’s Band – Fascinating Rhythm, Fox-Trot from Lady Be Good (G. & I. Gershwin) with Incidental Singing by Monty Woolf, Colubia 1926 (UK) NOTE: "Fascinating Rhythm" is one of the most popular songs and today the jazz standard composed by George Gershwin. It is written by George in 1924 to the lyrics by his brother Ira, for the Fred & Adele Astaire musical “Lady Be Good” in Broadway. The Astaires recorded the song in April, 1926, in London with George Gershwin on the piano. Many recorded version exists, including Paul Whiteman,...

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1937: Zarah Leander Ich hab&039; vielleicht noch nie geliebt I’ve Perhaps Never Been In Love
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:33

Zarah Leander mit Orchesterbegl. - Ich hab' vielleicht noch nie geliebt [I’ve Perhaps Never Been In Love] (Buday-Schachner) a.d. Film “Premiere”, Odeon (Germany) 1937 NOTE: One of the biggest UFA film stars in Berlin in the late 1930s and early 1940s was Swedish actress and singer Zarah Leander. Her career, which began in Stockholm in the early 1930s, blossomed in Berlin during the years of the Third Reich's "cultural” policy - when many famous German actors and film artists such as Marlene Dietrich, Friedrich Hollaender, Lotte Lenya, Max...

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1939 Italian hit: Meme Bianchi Ti lascio un fior I Bring You a Flower
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  • 02:56

Meme BIANCHI & l’Orchestra Ceragioli - Ti lascio un fior [I Bring You a Flower] Bolero (Ferri-Galdieri) dal Film “Traversata nera” , Odeon 1939 (Italy) NOTE: Meme BIANCHI (born Magda Merope Bianchi in Porto Ceresio, Lombardy, Italy in 1907 - d. 2000 in Porto Ceresio) - Italian singer, daughter of operetta singer Ida Viale and granddaughter of opera soprano Merope Bianchi. She was supposed to become a teacher, but gave in to her father's wishes and took a job in his dispatch office at the local train station. Known among the neighbors as a...

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1935: Chór Eryana & Lucyna Szczepańska Tic ti, tic ta
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:58

Chór Eryana [The Eryan’s Ensemble] & Lucyna Szczepańska, sopran – Tic-ti-tic-ta (Polish title: Love, Love, There’s Nothing But Love!) Xoxtrot (Gaetano Lama - Meteor) Columbia 1935 (Polish) NOTE: It is a Polish version of the popular Italian song from 1920 „Tic-Ti-Tic-Tac” - see the Italian recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aNyAD4avcI CHÓR ERYANA (The Eryan's Ensemble) - a male vocal group founded in 1930 by pianist and composer Jan Ernst (a.k.a. Eryan), which made its debut in 1931 on the stage of the Nowości Theatre in Lwów....

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Roaring 20s: Duke Yellman&039;s Orchestra Mandalay, 1924
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:56

Duke Yellman and His Irene Castle Orchestra – Mandalay, Fox-Trot (Burnett-Lyman-Arnheim), Gennett 1924 (USA) NOTE: In the early to mid-1920s, Duke Yellman's band was one of Edison's ephemeral dance bands, most of which are now forgotten. However, Yellman also recorded for other labels, such as Gennett. Gennett. The name of his band, the "Irene Castle Orchestra," derives from Irene Castle's dance tours with Isidora Duncan when they set out to perform across the country in the early 1920s, joined by Duke Yellman with his orchestra. Yellman's...

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1929: Jesse Stafford & His Orchestra Only Love Is Real
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:33

Jesse Stafford & His Orchestra – Only Love Is Real, Fox-Trot from the MGM Picture “Lord Byron of Broadway” (Freed-Brown) with Vocal Refrain, Brunswick 1929 (USA) NOTE: Jesse Stafford was trombonist at the famous West Coast Herb Wiedoeft's Cinderella Roof Orchestra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpi1ZYARXD0 . Herb Wiedoeft was a son of the world famous jazz saxophonist and bandleader Rudy Wiedoeft - one of the pioneers of a small jazz band instrumental style in the dance music in California in Roaring Twenties...

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Roaring Twenties: Herman Kenin&039;s Ambassador Hotel Orch. Building a Nest For Mary, 1929
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:34

Herman Kenin’s Ambassador Hotel Orchestra – Building a Nest For Mary, Fox-Trot (Rose-Greer) with Vocal refrain, Victor 1929 (USA) NOTE: Herman KENIN (born 1901 Vineland, NJ - died 1970 LA) is an American conductor of dance orchestras. Shortly after Herman's birth his family moved from New Jersey to the West Coast (Portland). Kenin learned to play the violin and in the early 1920s became a member of George Olsen's dance band. Within a year, Kenin gained a new position as leader of his own band at the Multnomah Hotel in Portland. The group...

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Polish Tango 1934: Stefan Witas & Ork. Odeon Zostało mi wspomnienie Only the Memory Remains
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:13

Stefan Witas & Orkiestra Odeon - Zostało mi wspomnienie [Only the Memory Remains / That You Were Once With Me], tango (Stolz-Jurandot) Odeon c. 1934 (Repressed in 1945) (Polish) NOTE: Here’s one more Polish tango from its best years in Poland, performed by the favorite duet: crooner Stefan Witas accompanied by the Odeon Orchestra (directed, supposedly, by Jerzy Gert). The treasury of such completely forgotten prewar tangos seems to be bottomless. They must have produced tons every month! Indeed, Poland was a tango-empire between the wars...

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Vincent Lopez & Keller Sisters I&039;m On My Way Home 1926
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:08

Vincent Lopez & His Casa Lopez Orchestra – I’m On My Way Home, Fox-Trot (I.Berlin) Vocal chorus: Keller Sisters & Lynch, Brunswick 1926 (USA) NOTE: Vincent LOPEZ (b. 1895 in Brooklyn, NY – d. 1975 in North Miami Fl) ) American bandleader, and pianist. Born of Portuguese immigrant parents, he was leading his own dance band in New York City by 1916. In 1921, his band began broadcasting on the radio; the band's weekly 90-minute show on the Newark, New Jersey, station WJZ boosted the popularity of both himself and of radio. He became one of...

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Ray Noble & Al Bowlly That&039;s What The Life Is Made Of 1933
  • 4 tyg temu
  • 03:19

Ray Noble und sein Orchester - So ist’s im Leben (That’s What Life Is Made Of) Foxtrot (R.Noble) mit Refraingesang (by Al Bowlly) Electrola 1933 (German product; Recorded in UK) NOTE: British orchestra leader, pianist and composer Ray Noble and South African-born singer Al Bowlly formed a duo of performers in London in the 1930s that is perhaps unparalleled in the history of popular music. It could be said that Al Bowlly contributed greatly to Ray Noble's greatness and vice versa: No orchestra or arrangement adds as much emotion to Al...

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Jewish Caruso: Cantor GERSZON SIROTA sings Celeste Aida, 1930
  • 19-4-2022
  • 04:12

Cantor Gerszon Sirota – Celeste Aida (Verdi) In Italian with Orchestral Acc., Broadcast Twelve, c. 1930 (UK) NOTE: Gerszon SIROTA (born 1874 in Hajsyn in Podole, formerly in the Kingdom of Poland, now in Ukraine - died 1943 in Warsaw) - world-famous chazan, performer of Jewish vocal music, dramatic tenor with a masterful technique of coloratura singing called the “Jewish Caruso”, from 1908 to 1927 supercantor of the Great Synagogue in Tłomackie Street, in Warsaw. He grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family. When his family moved top Odessa,...

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Great tenor 1927: Stanisław Gruszczyński Śmiej się pajacu Vesti la giubba from "Pagliacci"
  • 18-4-2022
  • 02:56

Stanisław Gruszczyński, tenor Opery Warszawskiej (from the Warsaw Opera) - Śmiej się, pajacu (Vesti la Giubba („Pagliacci” Leoncavallo) z fortepianem (with piano) Syrena, c. 1927 (Polish; accoustical recording) Dear friends! With MY BEST WIHES FOR THE EASTER for the all of you I am uploading the penultimate recording on my list of opera presentations during Holy Week and Easter this year. I will present the last one tomorrow. And then – we’re back to happy jazz again! NOTE: Stanisław GRUSZCZYŃSKI (b. 1891 in Ludwinowo near Wilno, now in...

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1924: Miguel Fleta E lucevan le Stelle The Stars Are Shining "Tosca" act III
  • 14-4-2022
  • 03:19

Miguel Fleta, tenor – E lucevan le stelle, Act III “Tosca” (Puccini) In Italian with Orchestra, Disco Grammofono 1924 (Italian) NOTE: Miguel Burro FLETA (b. 1897 in Albalate de Cinca, Aragon – d. 1938 in La Coruña) Spanish opera singer, one of the greatest tenors of the 20th century. Despite a short stage career, lasting from 1919 to 1935, Fleta managed to become one of the brightest stars singing at Milan's La Scala (1923-26) and New York's Metropolitan Opera (1923-25). In 1926, Miguel Fleta had the honor of creating the role of Calaf in...

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Helena Zboińska Ruszkowska Aria from La Forza del Destino, 1926
  • 13-4-2022
  • 03:48

Helena Zboińska-Ruszkowska, soprano – Arie aus La Forza del Destino [The Force of Destiny] (Verdi) mit Gesangs-Quintett, Odeon 1926 (Sung in Italian; German pressing) NOTE: Helena ZBOIŃSKA-RUSZKOWSKA (b. 1877 in Lwów, Poland – d. 1948 in Kraków, Poland) – dramatic soprano, one of the greatest Polish opera singers in the 20th century. She studied singing from teenage years in Lwów, then in Warsaw, Vienna and Milan. She debuted in 1900 in Lwów in Flotow’s “Martha” to become sensation and No1 soprano in the Lwów opera. From 1903 until 1907...

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Roaring Twenties: Original Memphis Five & Anna Meyers That Da Da Strain, 1922
  • 8-4-2022
  • 03:12

That Da Da Strain (Mamie Medina - J. Edgar Dowell) from the musical shows “Ups And Downs” and “Oh Joy” - Anna Meyers & Original Memphis Five, Pathé Actuelle 1922 (USA) NOTE: Original Memphis Five were all-white American early jazz quintet active between 1921-31. Considered as one of the key small groups in the 1920s, the Original Memphis Five was founded in 1920 by trumpeter Phil Napoleon and pianist Frank Signorelli and included Phil Napoleon (tp), Miff Mole (tb), Jimmy Lytell (cl), Frank Signorelli (p), Jack Roth (d). The group became...

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Polish Tango 1934: Stefan Witas Tak krótko trwała ta noc So Short Was The Night
  • 5-4-2022
  • 03:11

Stefan Nowita (aka Stefan Witas) & Orkiestra Odeon - Tak krótko trwała ta noc [So Short Was The Night] Tango z teatru “Femina” (from Femina theatre revue) (H.Gold – Harvey) Odeon, 1934 (Polish) NOTE: Stefan WITAS (1908-2006) - very popular prewar Polish singer as well as Operetta and vaudeville performer. Educated as operatic tenor in a private singing school of Italian singer Umberto Macnez in Warsaw, Witas won the “new voices” radio competition in 1933 and was contracted with Columbia Records for the series of recordings. He cut several...

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Roaring Twenties: Dajos Béla Tanz Orchester Der duft, der eine schöne Frau begleitet 1929
  • 1-4-2022
  • 02:51

Dajos Béla Tanz-Orchester - Der duft, der eine schöne Frau begleitet [The Perfume That Goes With a Beautiful Lady] Foxtrot (Hans May-Roxy) mit Gesang, Odeon 1929 (Germany) NOTE: Dajos BÉLA (Leo Golzmann) – German conductor, violinist and jazz arranger of the Jewish / Russian/ Hungarian descent. Born in Kiev in 1897 he studied music in Moscow, later continuing studies in Berlin, where he started playing in local venues. In 1921 he established his own band, with which he made first recordings for Carl Lindström's company (brands: Odeon,...

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Roaring Twenties: Lud Gluskin&039;s Playboys Ain&039;t She Sweet, 1927
  • 30-3-2022
  • 02:54

The Playboys (Lud Gluskin & His Playboys) – Ain’t She Sweet, Fox-Trot (Milton Ager) Pathé 1927 (French) NOTE: Ludwig (“Lud”) GLUSKIN – American drummer & dance band leader, who had his heyday in the Weimar Republic and in France during the Jazz Age. Born in 1898 in New York to the Jewish/Russian parents, Lud befriended young pianist and singer Jimmy Durante in DeWitt Clinton High School where they both studied in New York. They formed a piano-drum duet for performing at school and on private parties. During the 1920s, Lud got engagement at...

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Polish Tango 1936: Adam Aston & Iwo Wesby Orch. Niezapominajki Forget me nots Are In Bloom Again
  • 28-3-2022
  • 03:30

Adam Aston & Orkiestra Iwo Wesby’ego – Niezapominajki [Forget-me-nots Are In Bloom Again] Tango (H.Gold – A.Włast) Syrena-Electro 1936 (Polish) NOTE: Here’s one more Spring tango from Poland, just suitable for these sunny days of early spring in Poland. Not very popular in times when it was composed, however sounds so sweet today… Especially when sung by Aston, indeed.