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1929 The High Hatters You&039;ve Got Me Pickin&039; Petals Off O&039;Daisies
  • 4 dni temu
  • 03:16

The High Hattters (dir. by Leonard Joy) – You’ve Got Me Pickin’ Petals Off O’ Daisies, Fox-Trot (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson) from the Film “Sunny Side Up”, with Vocal Refrain (by Frank Luther?) HMV 1929 (UK) NOTE: The High Hatters were the Victor Records in-house band active between 1928-31. Leonard Joy – the band’s leader – was in that time the member of the board of directors of Victor Talking Machine Co. and he designed his orchestra as the hot dance band which, to some extent contradicted the new big-band style and was more inclined to...

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Dorsey Brothers&039; Orchestra Apache Tango, 1934
  • 5 dni temu
  • 03:12

Dorsey Brothers’ Orchestra - Apache, Tango (on the label „fox-trot”) (Simon-Meysels) with Vocal Chorus by Kay Weber, Decca 1934 (USA) NOTE: It’s indeed, a rarity! – the leading American swing orchestra performing a genuine tango! Moreover, it’s a sensual, passionate apache tango, which in more-less “puritan” American showbiz of the 1930s was not a favorite issue. Although Kay Weber in her somewhat vapid performance does her best to make a lukewarm oatmeal out of the "wild orgy of the senses" (ha, ha) that every tango apache in the Parisian...

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Roaring 20s: Vic Meyers&039; Orch. Shimmy, 1924
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:00

Vic Meyers’ Orch. – Shimmy (Fox-Trot) (Gibson-Meyers-Elliott) Brunswick 1924 (USA) NOTE: Vic MEYERS (Victor Aloysius Meyers b. in Little Falls, Minnesota in 1897 – d. 1991 in Seattle, Washington) known as "The Clown Prince of Politics" or "The Pagliacci of Politics", was a jazz bandleader active in Seattle, Washington as well as the State Democratic Party politician. Born to the family of 16 children as the 15th son of a pianist mother and father who was the Morrison County treasurer. In his teen years, Meyers became a multi-instrumental...

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Roaring Twenties: Sam Lanin&039;s Dance Orch. Thinking Of You, 1926
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 02:52

Sam Lanin’s Dance Orchestra – Thinking Of You, Fox-Trot (Donaldson-Ash) with Vocal Chorus by Charles Keene, Banner 1926 (USA) NOTE: American dance bandleader Sam Lanin (1891 in Russia – d. 1977 in Hollywood, Florida) led one of the most prolific dance orchestras in the Jazz Age. He directed nearly 400 sessions between 1920 and 1931, for almost every record label operating in New York at the time. His numerous ensembles include, but are not limited to: Sam Lanin And His Dance Orchestra, "Lanin's Roseland Orchestra", Sam Lanin's Famous...

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Polish Tango 1936: Chór Dana W tym cichym zakątku
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 02:55

Chór Dana - W tym cichym zakątku (Il pleut sur la Route), Tango (Chamfleury - W.Stępień) with piano & accordion, Odeon 1936 (Polish) NOTE: This lovely French tango from the mid-1930s - made famous by many interpreters (one of the most popular was Tino Rossi) - is sung here by the finest Polish pre-war revelers, Chór Dana. Polish title does not however refer to the rain “falling on the road” – like in French, instead the warm and pensive Polish lyrics [In This Peaceful Retreat] describes the "cozy corner" in a Polish manor in a...

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Old Waltz: Morgenblätter Orchester Jumbola Record, c. 1912
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:34

Morgenblätter [Morning Journals] Waltz (Johann Strauss Jr.) – Orchester (uncredited German band), Jumbola-Record c. 1910-12 (Germany; acoustical recording) NOTE: This is one of the most famous Viennese waltzes which was composed by Johann Strauss Jr. for Vienna Press Ball in 1864. It had its debut on the 12th Jan 1864 at Concordia Ball, the orchestra was conducted by Johann Srauss Jr. in person. Not only during the Carnival season, all of Viennese high society used to wait impatiently for every new “production” coming out from the “Strauss...

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1930s: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Bert Hirsch & His Orchestra
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:42

Hit of the Week Orchestra (Bert Hirsch & His Orchestra) – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Fox-Trot (Dubin-Burke) Hit of the Week, 1930 (USA) NOTE: Hit of the Week were the cardboard based records with recording on one side only. They were invented in Europe in 1930 and were produced in Germany as Phonycord, in France - Pathé Cellodisc, British Filmophone and Goodson, and Spanish Delfos. In USA they were released in Feb 1930 as the Hit of the Week records and enjoyed a short period of popularity in 1930-32, partly due to their lower price (15...

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1931: I Found A Million Dollar Baby Don Voorhees&039; Orch.
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 04:51

Don Voorhees’ Orchestra – I Found A Million Dollar Baby, Fox-Trot (Rose, Dixon, Warren), Hit of the Week 1931, USA NOTE: Don VOORHEES (b. 1903 in Allentown, Pennsylvania – d. 1989 in Cape May Court House, NJ) American bandleader, who established ahis own dance band in 1926 and started recording prolifically for Columbia, Edison, Pathe, Cameo and Hit of the Week until 1931, when he ceased bandleading and got involved a broadcast work. He is remembered as the musical director or the conductor in the Cavalcade of America, The Texaco Fire Chief...

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Aniela Szlemińska 1935 Odgłosy wiosenne Walzer "Frühlingsstimmen"
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:46

Aniela Szlemińska & Ork. Syrena-Rekord pod dyr. Olgierda Straszyńskiego – Odgłosy wiosenne (Frühlingsstimmen; Voices of Spring) Walc (J.Strauss - Gillowa), Syrena-Electro 1935 (Polish) NOTE: Aniela SZLEMIŃSKA (1899 in Winnica, now in Ukraine – d. 1964 in Cracow) - one of the best opera sopranos in prewar Poland. She performed in the Grand Theatre of Warsaw, as well as Operas of Lwów and Poznań. Her voice was considered as “phonogenic” therefore she’d left quite a number of very good interpretations of popular songs and arias recorded at...

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Russian Romance 1927: Białe akacje White Acacia Karol Hanusz & Ikanoff Balalaika Orch.
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:53

Białe akacje [White Acacia] Romans – Karol Hanusz (aka W. Lepecki) with piano & violin, Syrena-Electro c. 1929, Polish (originally recorded for Efte Płyta in 1927) NOTE: Karol HANUSZ (b. Karol Szczęsny in 1894 in Warsaw – d. 1965 in Warsaw) - Polish varieté singer and actor. In 1909-11 he studied at drama school in Kraków at the same time taking the singing lessons. Between 1912 -1915 he performed on various stages in the provincial theatres, in the varieté and operetta productions. In 1916 he moved to Warsaw to perform in a cabaret...

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Roaring Twenties: Golden Gate Orch. The California Ramblers Sweet Man, 1925
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:53

Golden Gate Orchestra (The California Ramblers) – Sweet Man, Foxtrot/Charleston (Roy Turk & Maceo Pinkard) Edison 1925 (USA) NOTE: The California Ramblers (aka Golden Gate Orchestra) were an important and very prolific white dance band, most active in the East Coast during the 1920s. They recorded hundreds of songs for many different record labels throughout the 1920s. including Edison, Vocalion, Columbia, Okeh, Bluebird, Regal, Puritan. The group was not from California (they never even played in that state) but were formed in Ohio by...

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Roaring Twenties: Bert Kaplan & His Orch. Someone To Watch Over Me, 1926
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:16

Bert Kaplan’s Orchestra – Someone To Watch Over Me, Fox-Trot (G. & I. Gershwin) with Vocal Refrain, Emerson 1926 (USA) NOTE: Bert KAPLAN’s Orchestra (also labelled as Bert Kaplan’s Collegians or Bert Kaplan & His Collegians) seems to have belonged to the array of small dance bands which emerged on the American music market in the mid/late 1920s to disappear with onset of the Great Depression in 1929. Use of the “collegians” in Bert Kaplan band's name seems to refer to the collegiate roots of this orchestra - similarly to hundreds of...

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Polish Tango 1933: Janusz Popławski Bajka się powtarza A Fairytale Repeats
  • 3-5-2020
  • 03:46

Janusz Popławski z Orkiestrą taneczną K. & F. Wilkoszewskich – Bajka się powtarza… [A Fairytale Repeats In Life / But As Deceptive Dream] Tango argentyńskie (Żak – Rodygan), Cristal-Electro 1933 (Polish) NOTE: Janusz POPOŁAWSKI was a fine operatic tenor, soloist of the Warsaw Opera yet in the same time he belonged to the most popular Polish pop-hits performers in the 1930s. He recorded prolifically for Columbia, Odeon, Cristal-Electro and was often on the air with the popular arias and song recitals. To some extent, his career in Poland...

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1925: If You Knew Susie, Like I Know Susie Ben Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra
  • 3-5-2020
  • 02:59

If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie) Fox-Trot (DeSylva) – Ben Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra, Vocal Chorus by Irving Kaufman, Vocalion 1925 (USA) NOTE: The fabulous Ben Bernie’s dance orchestra plays one of the music icons of the Roaring Twenties. See also the equally superb rendition by Jack Shilkret and his band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTlRMMNPFHE

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Roaring 20s: The Piccadilly Players & Al Starita Kiss And Make Up, 1927
  • 29-4-2020
  • 02:50

The Piccadilly Players dir. by Al Starita Kiss and Make Up, Foxtrot (Miller – Bogate, Hoefl) with Vocal Chorus, Columbia 1927 (UK) NOTE: In this forum - among shellac gems connoisseurs like us - the name of “Starita” needs no further explanation. Four American/ Itallian Starita brothers: Al, Ray, Rudy and Julio became in 1920s the dance band celebrities in the United Kingdom. At first, in 1921 Al and Rudy still in Boston, USA, formed a dance orchestra which became popular in the vicinity of Boston and two years later they decided to try...

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Roaring Twenties: Marek Weber Orch. Eine kleine Liebelei, 1928
  • 28-4-2020
  • 03:36

Marek Weber und sein Tanz-Orchester – Eine kleine Liebelei [A Little Romance] Valse Hésitation (H. Ralton / Rotter, Stransky) Electrola 1928 (Germany) NOTE: For tonight – to make this night more lovely and atmospheric for you – I am uploading this really beautifully played Valse Hésitation / Boston (- that’s how in Continental Europe the English Waltzes used to be called in the 1920s). Maestro Marek Weber makes a really unique performance out of that little tune. He was a violinist and dance bandleader born in Lwów, Poland who in his teen...

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1937: Oskar Joost Tanz Orch. & Rudi Schuricke Nachts ging das Telefon, 1937
  • 26-4-2020
  • 03:11

Nachts, ging das Telefon [The Telephone Rings At Night] , Tango (W. Kollo) – Oskar Joost Tanz-Orchester, Gesang: Rudi Schuricke, Grammophon 1937 (German) NOTE: This beautiful tango/slowfox was made popular by Hilde Hildebrandt - the great movie star of the Third Reich. Also, this tune acts - as the background music - in last tragic scenes in the Lucchino Visconti’s masterpiece "The Damned” (1969) – a monumental film-portrait of the moral decay of the Third Reich upper class, with Dirk Bogarde, Helmut Berger and Ingrid Thulin in the main...

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Roaring Twenties: Willie Creager Orch. On With The Dance! 1929
  • 23-4-2020
  • 02:46

Willie Creager & His Orchestra – On With The Dance! Fox-trot (Monaco, Leslie & Dubin) with Vocal chorus by Arthur Fields, Harmony 1929 (USA) NOTE: Little is known about Willie Creager. He was an American bandleader of the Jazz Age, his orchestra was sometimes labeled as The Ambassadors (on the labels of Vocalion Records) or The Georgia Collegians (On Gennett records). Creager’s band recorded prolifically also for Edison and various low budget recording studios (Perfect, Romeo, Jewel, Cameo, Velvet Tone, Banner). It is mentioned in the...

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1935: Tadeusz Faliszewski & Henryk Gold Orch. ? Foxtrot " Ecie Pecie"
  • 21-4-2020
  • 03:05

Ecie-pecie [A Little Something] Foxtrot (Z. Białostocki) – Tadeusz Faliszewski & Ork. Syrena Rekord (with an uncredited band leader) Syrena-Electro 1935 (Polish) NOTE: „There’re situations in life, when a little something makes a lot of something, for example in the love affairs or borrowing money” – that’s in very short the conclusion of the lyrics of this song. Polish term “ecie-pecie” (rather old fashioned now…) means in English “a little something”, “better than nothing” etc. The words however are not the strongest side of this song,...

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Roaring 1920s: B. A. Rolfe & His Orchestra A Room With A View, 1928
  • 19-4-2020
  • 03:13

B.A. Rolfe and His Orchestra – A Room With A View, Fox-Trot (N. Coward) from “This Year’s Grace”, with Vocal Chorus, Edison 1928 (USA) NOTE: Benjamin Albert ROLFE (1879 in Basher Falls, NY – 1956 in Walpole, Massachusetts) American vaudeville actor and trumpet player, film producer and dance bandleader, radio personality. Born to the family of music producer, B.A. Rolfe at a young age played cornet in his father's band, touring the U.S. east coast and Europe. After high school, he worked as a musical clown until joining the Majestic...