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I recreated my bedroom in 3D
  • 3-10-2020
  • 01:58

In my room on my computer I made my room with my computer. This was supposed to be a project for my university to practice rendering interiors in 3DSMax. It was a great opportunity to finally practice 3D modeling so I decided to recreate my whole bedroom. A still render wasn't enough for me so after 10 months of work, here is a full animation with a showcase of some of the trickier models. For better quality renders - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xJqWP1 Rendertime - 302 hours Software - 3DSMax, After Effects Thanks a lot: Kuba,...

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Chess A short 3D animation
  • 13-4-2019
  • 01:31

Finally, an animation rendered in 1080p! On this one I wanted it to look as pretty as it can be not paying attention to the render times. I think I was able to achieve a nice photorealistic effect, what do you think about it? I hope you all liked it! Music: Johnny Ripper - at the park Software - Cinema 4D Render engine - Octane Render Rendertime - 139 hours

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Ocean render
  • 6-11-2018
  • 18:00

Software - Cinema 4D Rendered in Octane render

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  • 28-10-2018
  • 01:09

a short CGI breakdown of my ABSTRACT project - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6fjXpzFU4M

wides.pl A6fjXpzFU4M
A̴͓ ̳B̨̲̫̭̰͇̙ ̴͎S̩͡ ͔̳͎̰̮͎͝ͅT͓̘͉͈ ̙̞̣͇͕̜R̷ A̷̞͔͍̠ ̲͔̭̬C̰̤͇̟̰̤͓ ̧͈͉̮̼͖T̨̺̪̲̼̗͎
  • 28-10-2018
  • 01:01

weird music + weird animations song - Flying Lotus - KingMidas Lost Remix Instrumental 08 Software - Cinema 4D Render Engine - Octane render

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CGI Breakdown a phew photorealistic animations
  • 19-3-2018
  • 01:26

Watch the main video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoLUlFh2w_c A short CGI breakdown of my new animation project. Music: Ratatat - Wildcat Software - Cinema 4D Render engine - Octane Render

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a phew photorealistic animations
  • 19-3-2018
  • 01:07

Check out the CGI breakdown - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdJv63x4wxI I have recently started learning octane render and decided to make a few of these simple animations just to play around using the new render engine. Music: BADBADNOTGOOD - Fall In Love Software - Cinema 4D Render Engine - Octane Render Rendertime - 172 hours

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Konkurs morele.net i Ballistix - #PimpMyPC
  • 30-12-2017
  • 03:59

Link do strony konkursowej - https://www.morele.net/pimpmypc/ Link do inspiracji - Muzyka - Johhny Ripper - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/johnny_ripper/soundtrack_for_a_film_that_doesnt_exist/ Dzięki wielkie za pomoc: Yana, Mariusz, Dawid, Szymon, Kasper

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"On Jest" - Intro
  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:25

Przedstawienie kadry na obóz młodzieżowy "On Jest" zima 2016

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Taniec obozowy - młodzież zima 2016
  • 23-9-2017
  • 35:00

Wiele czasu poświęciliśmy aby nauczyć się tej wspaniałej techniki tańca.

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  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:07

Masz włosy?

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Adobe After Effects - motion tracking test]
  • 23-9-2017
  • 17:00

motion tracking in adobe after effects

wides.pl GLO4nIQmio4
  • 23-9-2017
  • 16:00

Na pewno?

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The Power of 1200fps #3
  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:12

Super slow motion ollie in 1200fps Camera - Casio exilim pro ex f1

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The Power of 1200fps #2
  • 23-9-2017
  • 53:00

This time some water flowing arround Thanks to Mononome for the music in this video. The song is called Fools Rush In. http://soundcloud.com/mononome/

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The Power of 1200fps
  • 23-9-2017
  • 47:00

some sample slow motion clips I made today using my Casio Exilim Pro exf1 I am actually selling it so if you would like to buy it, message me on YouTube :) Song - Sia - Breathe Me

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Guitar Loop #1 Sublime - What I Got
  • 23-9-2017
  • 47:00

some simple guitar loops original song - Sublime - What I Got

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Unusual skateboarding tricks in slow motion
  • 23-9-2017
  • 02:18

Skateboarding: -Adikko -Leon Tricks in order: -Front foot imposible -noseslide -fakie 540 flip -triple kickflip -50-50 handflip -fakie alpha double flip -360 hand I have no idea what thas was pop shove it Camera: Casio exilim pro ex f1 Music: Zero1 - Last Chance - https://www.jamendo.com/track/476482/_last_chance_02

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Cinema 4D Motion Tracker - a few test shots
  • 23-9-2017
  • 01:24

Motion Tracking in Cinema 4D R16

wides.pl q5y3_K1piPw
  • 23-9-2017
  • 25:00

bolało.... kamera - casio exilim pro ex f1 muzyka - rocky theme song