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Everdome Mission Architecture Journey to Mars
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 02:20

‍ We invite all #Evernauts to view our showcase of Everdome’s mission architecture, ahead of our upcoming journey to Mars rocket launch event. This mission architecture is the result of several months of collaborative ideation, conceptualisation, creation and iteration by an expert team of artists, writers, gaming developers and space scientists. In the Everdome #metaverse, the journey is part of the experience. Created at the intersection of hyper-real, near future technology and science fiction, the mission architecture of the...

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Everdome Q2 Summary
  • 13-7-2022
  • 02:07

Dedicated to propelling crypto adoption in a technology-driven world, Everdome maintains steady progress in Q2 supported by strengthening our team and tools for delivering hyper-realistic Metaverse experience. ⚙️ With progress contributed in line with our expectations we are pleased to share with you some highlights from our journey: ✅ Team growth ✅ In-game footage Alpha Testing Preview ✅ Paris Blockchain Week Summit ✅ 4-part product preview series ✅ V2.0 Everdome app released ✅ FTX Crypto Bahamas Summit ✅ Genesis NFT released ✅ #10...

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Everdome &039;Inside the Company&039; Mini series | Episode 5 Building in the Metaverse
  • 9-7-2022
  • 02:06

Everdome aims to merge the physical world with a hyper-realistic virtual experience. We will redefine the way people interact between both worlds on multiple levels. Whether it's online shopping, entertainment, virtual travel, meetings or gaming, our main goal is to create a digital layer on top of everyday life that redefines the internet. We invite you to watch episode 5 of the mini-series “Inside The Company” and discover our vision of the Metaverse. #TheJourneyHasBegun

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Everdome &039;Inside the Company&039; Mini series | Episode 4 NFTs
  • 1-7-2022
  • 02:07

Web 3.0 will empower creators and communities worldwide and we intend to be at the forefront of this revolution for a new generation. Join us for episode #4 of 'Inside the Company' as we discuss the opportunities Everdome will create for brands, users, and creators. #TheJourneyHasBegun

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Everdome &039;Inside the Company&039; Mini series | Episode 3 Travel to Mars
  • 24-6-2022
  • 04:24

‍ Settling Mars is the next chapter in mankind's desire of exploration and expansion to the stars. With the launch of the spacecraft from our base in Hatta - UAE, we want to make sure you have the most realistic metaverse experience. Traveling through the lower Earth orbit, Everdome Cycler will be making its maiden voyage to the Red Planet. While our team continues to develop complex space rockets to shuttle humans to our colony on Mars we invite you to view another episode of inside the company to discover more details about our process...

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Everdome &039;Inside the Company&039; Mini series | Episode 2 The Metaverse
  • 17-6-2022
  • 03:00

The Metaverse means different things to different people, but the undeniable fact that it's here is unanimous. As we continue to develop Everdome, it's economy, engagement, and technology, it's vitally important to provide our users the background on where we're coming from - so that everyone can better understand where we are heading. In our latest episode of Everdome;s 'Inside the Company' mini-series, we bring you in on one of our creator's ideas of what the metaverse means to him. Join the Director Of Business Development (UIG Labs)...

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Everdome &039;Inside the Company&039; Mini series | Episode 1 Mars
  • 13-6-2022
  • 03:01

Our team efforts show a new vision of the future of the internet, with the creation of immersive digital-only worlds as well as a deeper blurring between digital and physical. In the process, we are driving new lines of business and opportunities for people to interact. It's our pleasure to invite you inside Everdome, providing some depth and understanding behind the project from the teams POV. The race to define, build, and populate a new kind of digital world is on. Join our Director of World-Building Lukasz Alwast as he discusses...

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Everdome AMA w/Robert Gryn & Team
  • 10-6-2022
  • 01:04

‍ Evernauts, the moment has arrived! We are happy to answer your most pressing questions about Everdome - and we've brought the team in. Join our CEO-Rob Gryn, CPO-Wojtek Wątor, and Metaverse Creative Director-Mateusz Tokarz as we take another step towards colonizing Mars. How will the Everdome experience look and play... When will the Alpha version be released for public testing... Hardware requirements (what pc you need)... What makes Everdome interesting vs. other metaverse projects... Total supply of land in Everdome over time... How...

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Everdome &039;Inside the Company&039; Mini series Trailer
  • 6-6-2022
  • 59:00

Building a hyper-realistic metaverse takes multiple elements all working together in harmony; a strong vision, technology, investment capital, timing, partners, community support, and a very talented and driven team. Coming soon... Everdome's 'Inside the Company' Mini-series, where we invite you inside our company, giving you access to the brilliant minds of our world-building team as they discuss their (our) vision for the future of Everdome, where the thinking has come from, and how it's all going to come together - delivering a web3...

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In game Alpha Testing Preview | Everdome
  • 27-5-2022
  • 01:50

Today, we would like to share with you the latest in-game footage from our teams Alpha testing - onsite at the Everdome Spaceport in Hatta, UAE. We continue to make large strides regarding our product development, with the realistic quality getting better with each iteration. As we prepare to release the beta version for public testing (Tier 1 NFT holders, selected individuals, and partners) we will continue to deliver feedback and updates around our progress to the community. Enjoy the alpha footage, and get ready for the first public...

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Metahero FAME MMA Game Collaboration Concept
  • 1-5-2022
  • 47:00

From the beginning, we've continuously reiterated that Metahero is a technology project with the most advanced photogrammetric scanner in the world, requiring time to be built and delivered. Now, we are happy to reveal the first scanning chamber is active in Warsaw, and as the first fruits of our cooperation with our partner FAME MMA, can share a sample from the gaming collaboration that we have been secretly working on. Together, both Metahero & FAME bring a dynamic to the table that has all the workings for delivering exciting immersive...

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The Science Behind Everdome An Interview with Leszek Orzechowski
  • 18-4-2022
  • 04:34

We invite you to join us inside the Lunares Habitat for an exclusive interview with Everdome's very own Space Architecture Consultant, Leszek Orzechowski, as he discusses the research that is going into the development of Everdome, along with it's future implications for science. Our teams extensive research and experience has already started to materialize as we prepare to share sneak previews of the Mars settlement of Everdome very soon.

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FAME MMA & Metahero Announce Their Official Partnership
  • 7-4-2022
  • 43:00

HEROes, Are you ready for the main event!? We're excited to announce that Metahero & FAME MMA have entered into an official partnership, extending our reach into the world of sport fighting across FAME's massive PPV audience & fan base. This partnership will allow us to showcase our full spectrum of technological capabilities, granting our team exclusive licensing rights to scan all FAME MMA star athletes and market their NFTs via our marketplace - adding hundreds of influencers into the Metahero family. Due to this exclusive...

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Phase 1 In game Footage Released Launch facility, NFT Gallery, & VR Experience
  • 2-4-2022
  • 09:06

Everdome's latest in-game footage has been released. While our modus operandi is delivering the most hyper-realistic metaverse in existence, we also intend to do so at lightning speed.⚡️ Our company culture has always been one for pushing the limits, and setting goals that would make most weak at the knees (us too). With that said, we are excited to share our progress and latest in-game footage of our launch facility, NFT gallery, Gravity-reduced VR experience, and more. Are you a brand? Imagine creating this experience with 100% share of...

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Metahero Update & 2022 Roadmap Announced
  • 31-3-2022
  • 16:57

Curious what we've been up to❓ Metahero and WDW teams have been heavily focused on rolling out the infrastructure and security for all IP that will be the key to achieving our mission. Tune in to hear what both Rob and Mariusz have to say about Metahero's activity over the last months, and whats coming in the near future. Busy at work, we are relentless in achieving of vision of mass adoption, and providing THE gateway into the metaverse. #BeYourOwnHero

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Everdome In game footage Spawn & Launch Rooms
  • 25-2-2022
  • 02:06

‍ We invite all #Evernauts to take a walk with us through the newly released in-game footage of Everdome. Starting from Hatta, Dubai, the official launch site of the Everdome mission, Surrounded by the beautiful Hajar Mountains, we present a sneak preview of Everdome's spawn and launch facilities. Join us on our collective journey into the #metaverse. #TheJourneyHasBegun

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Metahero & Everdome Video Update
  • 13-2-2022
  • 14:06

Building mode means far less time in front of the camera, but even so Rob has taken the time for an in-depth video update.✊ VIDEO UPDATE: Metahero & Everdome! In this update Rob covers: ✅ February 19th! Big day ✅ Scanners update ✅ Wolf updates ✅ Everdome's launch ✅ NFTs ✅ Staking ✅ Synergies, and more... We are the gateway into the metaverse, and building the metaverse at the same time.✊ #BeYourOwnHero #TheJourneyHasBegun

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Everdome Real Time Captured ALPHA VERSION
  • 6-2-2022
  • 48:00

February 8th our voyage to the Metaverse begins, kicked off by the launch of Everdome's token, DOME. Before take-off, we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a preview of actual in-game footage shot by our dev team. Join us on the 8th for an opportunity to take part in our voyage into the metaverse. #TheJourneyHasBegun

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Everdome pre sale and vesting explained
  • 19-1-2022
  • 01:50

Everdome's pre-sale (for HEROes) is a short 3 days away! Many of you have been asking how the pre-sale will take place - and we're here to explain the simple procedure that we've been creating over the last weeks, in order to make purchasing your Everdome tokens as simple as possible. 1. Go to Everdome.io/presale (not live until pre-sale starts) 2. Connect with Metamask (other wallets need to import to MM) 3. Our smart contract will confirm your allocation 4. Transact using BNB 5. Following the transaction you will receive 10% of your...

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The Metahero Revolution 2021
  • 31-12-2021
  • 02:04

What an absolute monster of a year we've had! To look back and see what we have ALL accomplished in 6 short months has been nothing short of EPIC, to say the least. Below are just a few of this year's highlights. Launch July 6th ⏱ Pre-sale completed in 98 seconds Listed on 4 CEX’s Metahero App released ‍ HEROswap released Removal of fees $10 Million in HERO airdrop V3 Metascanner unveiling at FBSummit Paying 100,000 people to get scanned 2022 ✊ 200,000 HERO hodlers $1 Billion market cap reached Massive sponsorship with Rich List...