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  • 24-8-2019
  • 36:00

The commission journal: https://www.deviantart.com/xtordiex/journal/Cheap-Commissions-plz-halp--810715463 Sorry if there are any typos, my hands are literally shaking rn

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High Hopes original animation
  • 5-8-2019
  • 27:00

Omg, could it be.. Natalie made something original for once..? And is.. Proud of it? Sorry for the long wait aaa Credits later,,,,, Its super late

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▪Go back to you▪ animation meme
  • 26-7-2019
  • 42:00

Gift for Bailey and Splatie Cat Rest later, Im tired-

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▪Want u moar▪ animation meme
  • 18-7-2019
  • 41:00

this was hell to make on 3 layers gift for https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG1ozHVuGyT5aPvxY1hQgYA because shes going through a lot right now

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▪Sunshine▪ animated pmv
  • 16-7-2019
  • 24:00

Song: https://youtu.be/gxtk4WDRVAA A little thank you to my friends Unn-Yipp and Aaron. Sorry if its bad, Im not feeling well. Its kinda a vent?

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Who cares animation meme gift
  • 11-7-2019
  • 40:00

This video- The dancing part- I was trying to make the dance part 6-7 times scree Gift for Kawaii Unn-Yipp And Aaron Inspiration: https://youtu.be/UGb7KgMz-NE Original: https://youtu.be/6k1ICA4pxEU Song: https://youtu.be/oMj3K-Ov_ZY Bg by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIwiyIys6H9czs2v_5d-22g Peace

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▪Rainy Love▪ animation meme
  • 9-7-2019
  • 37:00

Original: https://youtu.be/91sDdC5ngow Eh.. Im proud of the beggining but then it all just went downhill as I lost all my motivation. I cant pretend, I dont feel happy at all. Today I feel so terrible, everything pisses me off and makes me cry. What a selfish cry baby. Ill be fine Dont ask whats wrong Please Im seeing a therapist and taking medicine

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Paris animation meme
  • 6-7-2019
  • 39:00

Gift for Savage Pie Ily Sava Rlly Edit: Were friends god damn it, Im taken xD ------- Art software: Flipaclip Editing software: none Music: Paris by Chainsmokers Ocs belong to: me Animation belongs to: me ------------------------------ Check my instagram out for weird sheet, face reveals and my art :3 @tordielarsson69 Vk: https://vk.com/id532873793

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▪4th of July▪ animation meme gift
  • 4-7-2019
  • 41:00

There are some mistakes Im sorry, let them slide by, please.. Happy 4th of July my fellow American viewers! I hope you all had a fantastic day. Anyways its a gift for Unn-Yipp and Aaron I dont know why this meme, Aaron is from France afterall. I just had inspo for it. Gay Firework background: https://youtu.be/KW2JfdHkW9o

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▪You dont love me▪ amv maybe an animation meme?
  • 1-7-2019
  • 22:00

Vent Vent Vent Vent I just kinda feel unloved?? Not in a friend or fans way tho, I dont want you all to think that Im ungrateful. Im very thankful for all the recent support! Inspired by: https://youtu.be/VkMwnI_9Su8 & https://youtu.be/btn4Ex8w1NQ The song is: Starring Role by Marina and the Diamonds (love her songs btw.)

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▪Sit still, look pretty▪ animation meme 20K!
  • 29-6-2019
  • 25:00

AaaaAA TYSM GUYS ❤ Flipashit crashed 3 times so you better like it lmao Original by Kittydog Inspired by Unn-Yipp -------- Art software: Flipaclip Editing software: none Music: Pretty Girl Ocs belong to: me Animation belongs to: me ------------------------------ Check my instagram out for weird sheet, face reveals and my art :3 @tordielarsson69 Vk: https://vk.com/id532873793

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▪Pink Nightmares▪ animation meme vent
  • 27-6-2019
  • 19:00

Heres the lyrics: "Hugging six rabbits and having pink nightmares, Keeping you sane, then you fade away. Just enough, you felt the edge again, You took two pills and you feel asleep. Hugging six rabbits and having pink nightmares [...]*fading away* Hope you like this, Im trying. Inspired by kiwi

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▪Feeling Down▪ animation meme tweening
  • 26-6-2019
  • 59:00

Oh God I did it, I didnt think Id be able to finish anything hhh- Original by Pastarru Credit to kosmo cat

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☀Summer Vibes☀ animation meme
  • 23-6-2019
  • 43:00

Woo later, Im tired af

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If I were a rose animation meme pmv Read the description
  • 21-6-2019
  • 34:00

Hey- After 5 failed animation ideas I brought you all this.. Thing. The context of this video is that many people think that my fursona is a girl and they get mad when I tell them that its a guy. I dont want to be like those people who say "omg, did you just misgender me??1?1?!" but ehh. Its not me being negative towards anyone. If you drew my oc as a female, thats okay. Also hes not trans I know that the meme is called Sunflower, but I dont want two videos with the same title next to each other. Inspired by Unn Yipp He didnt make the meme,...

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Sunflower animation 12fps gift
  • 19-6-2019
  • 42:00

Happy one year together Babe :"3 Its technically on 23rd but this took shorter than I thought it would and Im excited to show it to yall! The gray character belongs to my gf. To Alice: Where do I even start?? You have no idea how much you actually mean to me. I love you so, so much and the day I confessed my feelings to you.. I was ready for any form of rejection. But.. You surprised me.. You loved me back and to this day I remember sitting in my room crying at my phone. These were tears of joy, true happiness. I had a crush on you for so...

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▪Fallen Angel▪ Flipaclip speedpaint
  • 18-6-2019
  • 02:18

The song is Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish Have a little something while Im working on an animated short! ❤ All has been made in non premium flipaclip on defeault settings

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▪A lesson of comedy▪ shitpost filler 69 am I right?
  • 18-6-2019
  • 10:00

Its 1AM why Why WHY I swear Im working on things

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I was in love with you animation meme read desc.
  • 17-6-2019
  • 17:00

. . . Weee past vent cool. Its about my abusive ex again. He would get drunk so often and tell me how worthless I am. Lastly, he cheated on me on Valentines day and after that left me. Threw me away like an old toy, which I basically was. So yeah. "I was in love with you, but you didnt love me back" I miss him but I know that I shouldnt.. --------- Art software: Flipaclip Editing software: YouCut Music: https://youtu.be/Tn9V6YPlk5Q Ocs belong to: me Animation belongs to: me ------------------------------ Check my instagram out for weird...

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▪Slayer▪ animation meme vent.
  • 16-6-2019
  • 15:00

Three videos within 24 hrs.. Ooups Original by Unn-Yipp