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My ex betrayed me
  • 29-3-2020
  • 03:20

Honestly just talking about my life in shambles. So my ex legit left me and THEN decided to work for the company I hate and hates me. Now THAT is clownery. But karma will get em. All of them. One by one. Lol

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Hot Yoga
  • 14-3-2020
  • 51:00

Dont watch me -Cristian Oliveras #CristianOliveras

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My experience with PodShare Bullying and gaslighting
  • 23-2-2020
  • 02:27

I will not shut up when ppl treat me like an animal. I am a human being with real feelings and real struggles. This was dehumanizing.

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  • 26-1-2020
  • 02:14

This is hard. BUT Devin will be back sooner than yall think. Periodt. Ill miss him so very much while I stay. :( See ya laterrrr Dev!!!! ❤️ Follow my social medias: @CristianOliveras Devin: @Akasucculentchocolate

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WORLD WAR 3 IS COMING? | Ft. Devin Sims
  • 25-1-2020
  • 06:31

This week on Hanging With Cristian, we have a new friend! Meet Devin Sims who with we talk about chances of a new world war, drafting, who would win etc. Get into it!! Leave a like and a comment sharing your opinions. Social medias: @CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/CristianOliveras Facebook.com/CristianOliveras TikTok.com/CristianOliveras Follow Devin: @AkaSucculentChocolate Instagram.com/AkaSucculentChocolate Onlyfans.com/CristianOliveras Business:CMOBusiness96@gmail.com

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Cristian Oliveras HIT THAT POSE
  • 11-12-2019
  • 54:00

Hit that pose #Dance routine to #Leikeli47 #PostThat Videographer: www.instagram.com/Willyboyy.tv @Willyboyy.tv I really enjoy dancing and the art of self expression regardless of talent skill. It is important we let loose and allow ourself to feel moods. Dance it out!! Social medias: Instagram.com/CristianOliveras Facebook.com/CristianOliveras TikTok.com/CristianOliveras Twitter.com/OMGTowelGuy Contact/Business: CMOBusiness96@gmail.com

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  • 29-11-2019
  • 09:06

#sobriety is a tough subject but I wanted to share more of my struggles and truth this coming year. I want to open up to what many others are suffering and perhaps this can help someone out there as well. Thank you all for sticking with me. I will not disapoint you.

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  • 11-11-2019
  • 03:55

#XTube #OnlyFans #AdultFilms Wow so this is all advancing!! The adult film massive site XTube reached out to me to discuss working together. I know I have been doing onlyfans but woah this is a big step!! I do not think I am doing it though to be honest. I’m basically a virgin!! Subscribe to my onlyfans.com/CristianOliveras Social medias: @CristianOliveras Instagram.com/CristianOliveras Facebook.com/CristianOliveras Tiktok.com/CristianOliveras Twitter.com/OMGTowelGuy Business/Bookings: CMOBusiness96@Gmail.com

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  • 2-11-2019
  • 05:32

About a month or so ago, I was arrested. Yes. Jail. But only for six hours. The LAPD did not believe me when I said I wasn’t a hood rat. They still put me in a jail and in handcuffs. Police did not even talk to me. It was so boring in the jail cell. Subscribe for more storytimes and videos For adult videos subscribe to my onlyfans.com/CristianOliveras Instagram:@CristianOliveras Tik Tok:@CristianOliveras Twitter:@OMGTowelGuy Facebook:@CristianOliveras Book me on Cameo.com/CristianOliveras Business:CMOBusiness96@gmail.com

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My aunt kicked me out bc she saw my sausage
  • 19-9-2019
  • 05:47

Onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Okay so wow my aunt is dramatic. She really called the cops on me for being a hoe. Outrageous! But I do thank her for giving a root over my head. But damn sis relax yourself. Im a proud onlyfans hoe. Subscribe to my adult content onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Follow my social medias: Instagram: @CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/CristianOliveras Twitter:@omgtowelguy Www.twitter.com/omgtowelguy Snapchat:TheTowelGuy Business: CMOBUSINESS96@GMAIL.COM

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  • 21-8-2019
  • 05:01

Onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Oh dear my mom knows Im one those internet thots now. I mean I guess its better than her subscribing to see if I was really only doing what I was saying I was doing. But I guess it was going to happen that she would find out eventually her son is a concubine. But at least she is kinda supportive and not judging me!! I have the best mom in the world!! Anyways make sure you subscribe to my onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Onlyfans.com/CristianOliveras Social medias: Instagram:@CristianOliveras...

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I did the chicken nugget dance naked on onlyfans
  • 14-8-2019
  • 05:01

Onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Ok so wow I have transitioned into the adult industry! I basically recreated my viral chicken nugget dance but naked this time. Yes naked in all its glory!! Swinging my chicken tender all around darling! I love being a pornstar!! Make sure you subscribe or you are missing out on this average mandingo. Also ignore the fact that I filmed this and you can see the table lol Onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Social medias: Instagram:@CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/CristianOliveras Twitter:...

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  • 3-8-2019
  • 05:01

Ok yall wow iconic I really am one of those onlyfans thotty mchottys now. Lol the link is onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Now you do have to be 18 years and older to view because i mean sausage and meatballs ya feel me dawling. Mama needs her bills paid so yea enjoy me horing myself out on my onlyfans Social medias: Instagram.com/cristianoliveras Twitter.com/omgtowelguy Facebook.com/cristianoliveras Onlyfans.com/cristianoliveras Business:CMOBusiness96@gmail.com

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  • 3-7-2019
  • 09:01

#KylieJenner #KylieSkin Okay chicken heads so here I provide an alternative way to use KylieSkin. I have seen many people like Jeffree Star use it incorrectly and that upsets me. I hope the beauty community learns a little from me. Be sure to hit the like, share, and subscribe button as well as turning on my post notifications on!! Also follow my other social medias!! Social medias: Instagram:CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/cristianoliveras Twitter:OMGTowelGuy Www.twitter.com/omgtowelguy Business:CMOBusiness96@gmail.com

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  • 11-6-2019
  • 08:43

Ok wow so a ten minute long video is not even enough to talk about as to what happened but maybe Ill upload a different video depending if I want to dance on top of the ashes of the burned bridge. Basically I need to get away from the toxicity in this house and need to just get away and live my own life separately. Ill miss my mom though so much but I guess this is fate. Social media: Instagram:@CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/CristianOliveras Business:CMOBUSINESS96@GMAIL.COM

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  • 18-5-2019
  • 04:46

#JamesCharles #Tati #TatiWestbrook #ByeSister Leave James Charles alone!! He snapped back like Iron man in avengers end game! I cannot believe how manipulative Tati and how evil jeffree star is. Everyone turned on James and yes he has made mistakes. But not near the allegations made towards him. Its time to SISTER SUE THOSE STEP-SISTERS !! Social Media: Instagram:@CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/CristianOliveras Business:CMOBUSINESS96@GMAIL.COM

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  • 17-4-2019
  • 09:05

Coachella is a music festival where influencers get to go out and show out their most bizarre and unique outfits. This year I was both amazed and underwhelmed by some of the choices by these people. What do you think? Social Media: Instagram:@CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/CristianOliveras Business:CMOBusiness96@gmail.com

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  • 13-4-2019
  • 05:01

#DanielleCohn #MikeyTua Ok what type of simulation are we living in!? This cannot be real!!! Ok if it is I do wish them the best if luck and no complications. At least they have the money to fund a whole raising of a child but boy will this give us years of content to react to!! What do you guys think? Is it a prank or not? Social medias: Instagram:@CristianOliveras Www.instagram.com/CristianOliveras Business:CMOBusiness96@gmail.com

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THESE BOYS ARE LIARS on ex on the beach reunion tea they did not air
  • 5-4-2019
  • 04:47

#JanelleShanks #Mayabenberry #ExOnTheBeach #Morganleighwillet #Darian #Malcomdrummer Oof these girls were played HARD. They deserved better as did Jay. So much lying and cheating exposed on the reunion part 2 that just aired. Angela needs to stop crying. Malcom needs to get played himself, Morgan needs to grow up, Janelle needs to SMARTEN UP, and Farrah needs to start more drama Hahahaha. Anyway let me know what you all thought of this reunion part 2 that just aired in the comments. Social medias: Instagram:@CristianOliveras...

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  • 4-4-2019
  • 05:01

#JeffreeStar #BlueBlood #ShaneDawson Ok so this story broke out just yesterday regarding the robbery that occurred in Jeffree Stars warehouse just as he was about o announce his blue blood collection. Now if we know Shane dawson, he has a conscience and even though he wasnt the one who robbed Jeffree, he probably feels guilty filming the warehouse. But then again it was Jeffree who wanted to show it off so of course Shane has nothing to feel guilty about but knowing him he will tread lightly when filming all things Jeffree. Let me know what...