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Free tarot readings: ask a question
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Free tarot readings: ask a question

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coming from a broken home
  • 17-7-2022
  • 18:00

Was inspired by a post on reddit and thought I'd sit down to give you a few gentle reminders. For everyone who comes from a broken family. Alcoholics, substance abuse disorder, other addicts, narcissists, parents and siblings...

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Messed up beyond repair.
  • 5-7-2022
  • 27:56

just talking about trauma, bipolar disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, family, alcoholism, therapy, divine timing, friends, relationships, anxious attachment style and all the other sh*t. I am absolutely terrified to post this but I am doing this for my sanity. Tired of pretending like I come from a normal, healthy background. 00:00 opening - return of trauma 4:36 childhood 8:30 abusive relationships 16:24 random stuff 19:29 current relationship 22:04 don't compare yourself to others

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How sleep deprivation can KILL you
  • 19-5-2022
  • 12:18

Sleep CBD oil: https://www.eirhealth.com/eu/shop/cbd-oil/cbd-oil-no10-sleep-formula#161=26 It's fucking amazing. There, I've said it. *FOOT NOTE. All studies to support these claims are available in the book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker.

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A love letter to my depressed self. it gets better
  • 22-4-2022
  • 07:12

Just wrote this for myself, really. But thought it might help someone out there and so I've turned this into a video. I'm not very well, haven't been in a while. Honestly, my circumstances haven't changed one bit since last year. It's more down than up. I haven't had a single thing go right for me in ages and it's difficult to keep trying when none of your attempts succeed. But nothing lasts forever and dark days will pass, as will the good ones. I doubt all this struggle will ever make sense, but just in case it does one day... Let's try...

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THE VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD social anxiety short film
  • 9-3-2022
  • 08:32

Thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video! To get 10% off your first month of therapy, go to https://betterhelp.com/KatNapiorkowska to sign up today!

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  • 16-2-2022
  • 03:15

Sometimes I make videos that are quite obvious. That's because I want you to feel validated & less alone. Posting this one as a virtual hug. Maybe you've been doubting yourself recently - I hope these words come to you at the right time and make you feel a bit better. #raised #by #narcissists

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support me? prints, multipotentiality, I&039;m happy again. : bless you all
  • 14-2-2022
  • 07:39

lalala. :) my website is: http://napiorkowska.net my insta is "napiorkowska" or "malevolenciaga" for arrrrrtttt. I honestly don't care anymore (in a good way).

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How your CHILDHOOD affects your LOVE life
  • 6-2-2022
  • 04:19

What do each love style say about your childhood? Have you ever wondered how your childhood affects your relationships when you grow up? Psych2Go video: https://youtu.be/DCHbhDxBLko

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I had Covid. It was WEIRD. Omicron timeline
  • 24-1-2022
  • 14:01

I had Covid. It was WEIRD. (Omicron timeline) What I took: Wood ear mushrooms NAC aminoacids

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Why I stopped comparing myself to others.
  • 8-1-2022
  • 03:41

Always feeling inferior, could never pat myself on the back for doing things right. I never believed compliments when they were given and pushed others away with constant self-depreciation. Finally, had a little awakening, if I may call it that. ;) Hope this video brings you release in some way. This is for those of you who never feel good enough. Not good enough.

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THINGS GOT WORSE. I have an endometrioma and live in constant pain now. :&039;
  • 24-12-2021
  • 18:50

Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

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  • 18-12-2021
  • 01:02

my instagram: napiorkowska Watch with headphones for the best experience! Impostor syndrome, Imposter syndrome, low self esteem, sometimes a part of major depression. Just a little sound/video experience portraying what it's like to suffer from IMPOSTER SYNDROME / LOW SELF ESTEEM.

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  • 15-12-2021
  • 01:24

shades of shame in depression, there are so many layers to this mental disorder, I keep learning about something new everyday! Hopefully you find these videos useful and feel as though you can relate! I've never suffered from depression (don't think so), but I understand your struggles and I promise you, there are many more other accepting people in the world! :) So don't stress too much and feel free to talk about your depression openly. It won't always be well received, but don't let it get you down.

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  • 13-12-2021
  • 08:01

let me know if you want a dating / relationship & social anxiety video. ;) more videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOhPECVH9VROCUr3cip4kqYHCJd0IJ0O2

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  • 11-12-2021
  • 18:31

everything's horrible, but I'm still going. Not sure how much more gas I’ve got left in the tank but hey. Let’s see. I’m just worried I’ve got some horrible illness growing inside of me because of all the stress. I hope things change, because right now, I can't even afford to FEEL burntout, I need to get up everyday and keep going. :(

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  • 9-12-2021
  • 02:56

signs of a panic attack! Post yours in the comments if you can think of anything else. :)

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  • 7-12-2021
  • 01:57

this is what night time depression feels like.

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this simple anxiety exercise could change your life :
  • 6-12-2021
  • 03:08

introducing, the worry tree, helping you release stress and anxiety through logic. ;) CLICK FOR EXERCISES. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h9q8s4n96dam540/the%20worry%20tree.jpg?dl=0 PRINTABLE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dykpcyoofvgr2mn/printable%20worry%20tree.jpg?dl=0

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17 traits of TOXIC PEOPLE
  • 2-12-2021
  • 06:09

How to recognise toxic relationships! #narcissist #toxic #relationships