illitheas Freefall Original Mix Music Video Abora Recordings
  • KLU
  • 3 dni temu
  • 06:04

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- German uplifting star illitheas makes a fabulous return to Abora Recordings with Freefall. Freefall is...

Lumidelic Buried In The Snow Original Mix Music Video Summer Melody
  • KLU
  • 4 dni temu
  • 05:51

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Superb, moody track from my friend Alberto aka Lumidelic! Also my very first support for Summer Melody...

Z8phyR & BRNDN D!AZ Clouds of Tomorrow Original Mix Music Video Cool Breeze
  • KLU
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 05:54

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Hello after a while :) Im back from holidays with batteries charged, ready to please you with new music...

Cosmaks Thunder Talamanca Remix Music Video Emergent Shores
  • KLU
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 06:33

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Talamanca is back, friends! Enjoy! Release info: We are delighted to revisit a track which for us was...

CAIRN Stay Here Original Mix Music Video Emergent Shores
  • KLU
  • 15-4-2019
  • 05:18

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- I have been waiting 13 months for this track!! When Ive heard it for the first time, I fallen in love...

South Pole & Richard Bass Wonderful Nights Original Mix Official Music Video PHW
  • KLU
  • 15-4-2019
  • 06:10

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- This is the best Richards & Sams work to date! One of the best Melodic Progressive tracks ever made in...

Lokovski & David Folkebrant No Pressure Zuubi Remix Music Video Progressive House Worldwide
  • KLU
  • 10-4-2019
  • 06:31

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Supported by Roald Velden! I love these funky tracks, with my favorite vocal chops... Brings the...

Hoyaa Middle Of Nowhere Original Mix Music Video VERSE Recordings
  • KLU
  • 5-4-2019
  • 05:54

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- New, bomb track by Hoyaa! Love it! :) •••► Support Hoyaa: Facebook:...

Jan Martin feat. Hysteria! Way Ahead Of Me Original Mix Lyric Video Synth Collective
  • KLU
  • 29-3-2019
  • 06:05

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- THIS IS A PURE DEFINITION OF PROGRESSIVE HOUSE! I dont know even what more can I say, except that this...

Mark & Lukas vs. Haroun Chebbi Apeiron Emro Remix Music Video Emergent Shores
  • KLU
  • 27-3-2019
  • 05:31

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- DAMN! :D What a ch00n! We are excited to bring you an amazing new collaboration between two of the...

Robert Dalshetch Por La Orilla Z8phyR Remix Music Video Soluna Music
  • KLU
  • 25-3-2019
  • 05:15

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Z8phyR = QUALITY! Such a lovely piece of Progressive! ^_^ I hope you will enjoy it, guys! Thanks as...

Roald Velden Fly With Me Original Mix Music Video Minded Music
  • KLU
  • 18-3-2019
  • 06:52

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Massive work as always by my dear friend Roald! Im always honored to have him. Ive been in love with it...

Solarbeam Ana Original Mix Music Video Emergent Shores
  • KLU
  • 18-3-2019
  • 05:12

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Ahhh... So beautiful lullaby, taken from "Coastal Selections 009"! It blew me away... Simple as that...

Winterya Brown Eyes Original Mix Music Video Synth Collective
  • KLU
  • 16-3-2019
  • 05:52

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Ive fallen in love just after the first listen! Enjoy! :) The young talented Swede, Winterya, is no...

Abstract Vision & Ultimate Ethereal Extended Mix Music Video Infrasonic Pure
  • KLU
  • 11-3-2019
  • 06:57

#ASOT900 Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Supported by Armin van Buuren on ASOT 900, Manuel Le Saux, Kyau & Albert, Andrew Rayel and...

Richard Bass Everywhere Roald Velden Remix Music Video Progressive House Worldwide
  • KLU
  • 11-3-2019
  • 06:04

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Watch Original Mix here: https://youtu.be/YhbvT5kwgss Since Ive heard it a long time ago, I had really...

South Pole All In My Head Original Mix Music Video Emergent Shores
  • KLU
  • 4-3-2019
  • 06:39

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU - - - Making a welcome return home to Emergent Shores is Aussie producer South Pole, who brings with him a...

Aeon Soul Blue Sky Blood Groove & Kikis Remix Music Video Easy Summer
  • KLU
  • 25-2-2019
  • 05:21

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Somebody missed Blood Groove & Kikis? Great, tranquil tune with male vocals! Thanks for the support,...

Richard Bass Everywhere Original Mix Music Video Progressive House Worldwide
  • KLU
  • 24-2-2019
  • 05:20

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Richard Bass blends marvelous pads, warm basslines, euphoric strings and soaring vocals to deliver one...

Z8phyR Moms Gift Original Mix Music Video FREE
  • KLU
  • 18-2-2019
  • 06:37

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- The melodic maestro, Z8phyR, delights us once again with stunning Progressive track called "Moms Gift"...

Alex H & Lumidelic Never Too Late Original Mix Music Video Synth Collective
  • KLU
  • 15-2-2019
  • 05:53

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- It is with utmost excitement that we unveil our next release, a premiere collaboration of two of...

Manuel Rocca Levithia Original Mix Music Video Levitated Music
  • KLU
  • 12-2-2019
  • 05:28

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Levitated Music has reached 100 releases elevating your emotions to another level. To celebrate this...

Z8phyR Warm Feeling Original Mix Music Video FREE
  • KLU
  • 4-2-2019
  • 04:23

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Donovan asked me if I could support his new track, and how could I say "no" to this? :) Great track!...

DreamLife & Aleksey Gunichev Good Night My Dream Original Mix Music Video Abora Skies
  • KLU
  • 1-2-2019
  • 06:00

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- One of the best breakdowns Ive heard in a long while. My new Tune of The 2019 Year so far. Goosebumps...

Marcel Vautier Animata Original Mix Music Video Shoreline Music
  • KLU
  • 31-1-2019
  • 05:42

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- New artist Marcel Vautier brings his Roald Velden style of chilled progressive to Shoreline Music with...

AirLab7 & EAM Born Again Extended Mix Music Video Infrasonic Pure
  • KLU
  • 28-1-2019
  • 05:36

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Fantastic, Uplifting ch00n by AirLab7 & EAM! I just love it. :) •••► Support AirLab7: Facebook:...

Haris C feat. Ion Blue Never Let Go Haris Cs Main Stage Remix Music Video Alter Ego
  • KLU
  • 22-1-2019
  • 05:17

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- The forth single from the brilliant debut album by Haris C, My Life, is the Trance beauty Never Let Go...

Roald Velden Fading Original Mix Music Video Minded Music
  • KLU
  • 21-1-2019
  • 06:11

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- You just cannot ignore Roald Velden, because he is one of the veterans of Progressive House scene....

SixthSense Binalong Bay Original Mix Music Video Coastline Music
  • KLU
  • 20-1-2019
  • 06:01

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Lovely piece by SixthSense :) Glad to have him on the channel for the first time! Let me know what you...

Terry Gaters Summer Of Love Original Mix Music Video Synth Collective
  • KLU
  • 18-1-2019
  • 05:39

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Totally emotional tune! Easily one of the best Ive heard lately. Release description: German...

George Ellinas DeepMind Original Mix Music Video Astrowave
  • KLU
  • 15-1-2019
  • 06:21

Pre-order: https://bit.ly/2HbWYaY Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- After "Suadela", this is my second favorite track from George!...

Lesh & Lumidelic Crystal Cave Original Mix Music Video Emergent Shores
  • KLU
  • 14-1-2019
  • 06:06

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Monday exKLUsive from Emergent Shores is here ;) YAY!! This collaboration is just extraordinary! Guys,...

Blvck Delorean & Jared85 Join Me Extended Mix Music Video Black Sunset Music
  • KLU
  • 4-1-2019
  • 04:50

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- I want summer already! :) Such a lovely track! •••► Support Blvck Delorean: Facebook:...

Z8phyR Summer Peace Roald Velden Remix Music Video Synth Collective
  • KLU
  • 3-1-2019
  • 06:49

Merchandise: http://tee.pub/lic/KLU ----- Z8phyR in Roald Veldens interpretation?! You are going to love this after the first few seconds. By the...

DreamLife & Dmitriy Kuznetsov Christmas Story Emotional Mix Music Video Abora Recordings
  • KLU
  • 29-12-2018
  • 07:02

This is probably my last upload in 2018. Happy New Year everyone and thank you again for your continuous support! I just love you, guys! --- We...

Trance KLUs TOP10 of 2018 Year Music Video
  • KLU
  • 27-12-2018
  • 51:06.0000000000001

Progressive House TOP10 of 2018 Year video: https://youtu.be/uQCFsbYK8NI --- Trance TOP10 of 2017 Year video: https://youtu.be/X1_Zc0ox56o Trance...

Progressive House KLUs TOP10 of 2018 Year Music Video
  • KLU
  • 27-12-2018
  • 59:41

Trance TOP10 of 2018 Year video: https://youtu.be/CBBzMYdT6EI --- Progressive House TOP10 of 2017 Year video: https://youtu.be/FSZ6_Jmld9E...

Mark & Lukas Our Home Original Mix Music Video Synth Collective
  • KLU
  • 15-12-2018
  • 06:01

World class! You can never have enough of Mark & Lukas, right? --- After providing our label with some of our most memorable and successful...

Z8phyR Wistful Memory Original Mix Music Video Shoreline Music
  • KLU
  • 15-12-2018
  • 05:53

I just love everything this guy makes! So peaceful, enchanting... Wow!! --- Z8phyR makes his debut on Shoreline Music with an epic two track...

Alex H Southend Pier Original Mix Music Video Coastline Music
  • KLU
  • 9-12-2018
  • 06:48

Taken from upcoming new album "Coast to Coast" :) So groovy and smooth! •••► Support Alex H: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4lexH SoundCloud:...

EDU feat. Susie Ledge In My Memory Blood Groove & Kikis Dub Remix Music Video Incepto Music
  • KLU
  • 3-12-2018
  • 05:49

Legendary duo is back with beautiful and enchanting remix of "In My Memory"! :) •••► Support EDU: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EDUproducer...

Cosmaks & ARMEDIO Alternative Lights Airdeep Remix Music Video Sunrise Digital
  • KLU
  • 25-11-2018
  • 04:22

I thought that this one needs a proper video edit :) So beautiful, gives me chills! Thanks guys! ♥ •••► Support Cosmaks: Facebook:...

Sunlight Project Blue Extended Mix Music Video Sunlight Music
  • KLU
  • 24-11-2018
  • 04:17

Smooth! Andrew never fails :) •••► Support Sunlight Project: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sunlightprojectmusic SoundCloud:...

Playme The Great Bay Original Mix Music Video Abora Skies
  • KLU
  • 18-11-2018
  • 06:27

The Swedish producer presents yet another majestic piece of art which perfectly integrates orchestral elements with uplifting trance. With its...

Kamron Schrader Embrace Original Mix Music Video Emergent Shores
  • KLU
  • 14-11-2018
  • 05:38

One of the candies from Coastal Selections 008! Such a marvelous track! Show Kamron some love, peeps! :) •••► Support Kamron Schrader: Facebook:...

Jay FM Arise Original Mix Music Video Progressive Dreams
  • KLU
  • 12-11-2018
  • 05:53

My 3rd support for Jay FM :) Very refreshing tune!! I dig it, hopefully you do too! •••► Support Jay FM: Facebook:...

DJ T.H. & Nadi Sunrise feat. Michele C See You Again Extended Mix Lyrics Music Video AVA
  • KLU
  • 11-11-2018
  • 05:04

Supported by Armin van Buuren on ASOT 887!!! Wow! One of the best Uplifting Vocal Trance tracks this year ... and Micheles voice OMG! •••►...

Dima Prus Eternal Flow Original Mix Music Video Emergent Shores
  • KLU
  • 29-10-2018
  • 05:39

Lets say goodbye to summer with style! ♪♫ So gorgeous track from my friend Dima :) --- We are delighted to bring you another magnificent EP from...

Eimear Shooting Star Original Mix Music Video Midnight Coast
  • KLU
  • 26-10-2018
  • 06:27

Another Progressive wonder from Eimear! So creative! ♥ •••► Support Eimear: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eimear.progressive SoundCloud:...

Roald Velden & Sabien Bouw Shadow Original Mix Lyrics Music Video Minded Music
  • KLU
  • 24-10-2018
  • 03:11

Ill be brief: ONE OF THE BEST TRACKS THIS YEAR!! •••► Support Roald Velden: Website: http://www.roaldvelden.nl/ Facebook:...