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Marbozir ciekawostki

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Northgard Viking Clan Strategy Game! Part 1 Northgard Gameplay]

Welcome to Northgard! Northgard is a strategy game, where you lead a viking clan to explore a new land filled with mystery and danger Northgard. The game is currently in Early Access and in this series I'm playing Clan of the Bear. Playlist ► You can find Northgard on Steam at Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Northgard content as well as other games! You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: Endslate music from Epidemic SoundNorthgard Viking Strategy Game! Northgard Gameplay]

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Marbozi...Just a quick reminder that my Discord server is the best place to find me, hang out and chat! (invite link is always in the video description)
PartumC...Are you Russian?
clickac...Thanks for showcasing this game! It came out on mac recently and its a very interesting campaign. I didn't expect very much from it, after all its an rts, but actually there is a great narrator voice that sets a great tone (similar to Banner Saga), even though the actual narrative is straightforward. There are some interesting and pretty challenging scenarios with a lot of variety.
Fault O...this looks great! please keep making this
tyler f...Gayest accent ever...
Dardan ...First impressions: not a fan of it being cut into rigid sections, better pause + speed needed, animals/enemies in every section not a fan of - the wolves should be wandering around, enemies didn't attack scout, and the map has this very confined feel. Other stuff too but top of my head

Love the design though
bjartek...mmm... i love resource gathering, awakens the hoarder in me
Noah Mi...bear clan is best clan
Jantoka...Looks like a really cool game. Looking forward to the rest of it.
Deluded...Love the soundtrack, so calming and fits the taiga really well.'s like age of mythology meets civ
B&K Alo...Like the new take on a Civi type game. A lot to take in but has some new ideas. Keep it up.
Jarastl...Pretty cool game ! Keep it up Marbs, you always show interesting games that make me want to spend all my money on ^^
topkek...First time watching marbs playing a RTS game im not disapointed tho
Jared L...Units never heal themselves, only a healer will heal them. When you click on your healer, the little window on the bottom of the screen shows you who he is healing, and the amount of progress left.

Its usually a bad idea to change a warrior into another profession unless absolutely critical as you will lose the gold it costs to make them a warrior in the first place forever.
Zak6959...Looks interesting so far.
zikri w...kinda looks like age of empires
Dalinu...I like this game.
Corpse ...Explore the ruin with the scout.
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