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Civilization 5 Let's Play Vox Populi as Ottoman Empire Part...

Welcome back to Civilization 5! We're playing Civ 5 Vox Populi mod as the Ottoman Empire. Vox Populi is a major overhaul mod for Civilization 5, previously known as Community Balance Mod. Playlist ► You can find Civilization 5 on Steam at Civ 5 Vox Populi Mod is available on CivFanatics: Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Civilization 5 content as well as other games! You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: Endslate music from Epidemic SoundCivilization Let&039;s Populi Ottoman Empire Modded Gameplay]

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thisisa... Portugal being an international whipping post. I love it.
Bruce H... Nuke for Freedom. Hmmm, don' t remember that in Dr. Strangelove film but seems like it should have been there!
milton1... I know you're a few episodes past this one now Marbz, but if you're going to play VP again you really need to start taking interest in the notifications. I think the reason (and I'm sure someones already said this) why you went to -41 happiness is you had two diplomatic mission used against you ? .
Amy Min... Still waiting for him to realize that he qued penicillin -> electronics and not the stealth path. At least, I thought he said he was going stealth for the bomber upgrades.
Er Td... 35 episodes in and still interesting. Carry on.
sleepbo... Oh my, I will never play this mod. Difficulty sky high.
IgorDex... Buy a carrier and nuke Jakarta twice!!! That will hurt Indonesia tourism
LagXFLC... Liberating Quebec City by nukes? Autocracy works in many ways than one it seems ;)
Rosstic... Do you know about your fellow Pole Kubica?
MiTBend... Glad the crash wasn't reoccurring. I've had many VP games crash and continue to crash at the same exact point after reloading an earlier save.
cmhiggi... The classic Nuke to freedom path. Lol!
Jesse F... Don't forget to peace out with Greece too!
Jesse F... I would surely try to liberate Quebec city before making peace. It raises your peace value and good name in the community, as well as several turns of ally with then
Jesse F... How do you have a cruiser with logistics but no range
Scott F... Can't wait until you nuke the shit out of China
Lucas D... You should have waited to peace out so you could have nuked Indonesia again.
dont no... What are you doing to move one tile at a time while still selecting your intended destination?
Dima Tr... The crash was worth it, the worker is safe.
Piotr K... Marb enyoying nuking people:p
o0aless... Upgrade corvettes to destroyers, then to missile cruisers. You won't need coal for those, and you will get modern units in only a couple of turns (albeit in exchange for a lot of money).
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