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OpenXCOM: Terror From the Deep Part 20 Alien Artifact Site

Welcome to OpenXCOM: Terror From the Deep! This is part of a monthly Patreon Suggests series, where I play a game suggested and voted for on (for at least a few episodes). OpenXCOM: Terror From the Deep is the second one and a result of June 2017 vote! Playlist ► You can find OpenXCOM at Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more content! You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: Endslate music from Epidemic SoundOpenXCOM: Terror Alien Artifact

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BaseDel...Blaster Launcher: The cause of, and the solution to, all life's problems.
Savior2..."I wonder how many aliens are on the second level. At least ten...."

Ahahahahahahahahaha! breathes Ahahahahahahahahaha!

I'm playing TFTD for the third time (Open mod obviously) but I forgot how damn dark it was in the artifact sites.
Gus...Has your patreon ever told you about XPiratez ? Because if there is a mod of the original XCOM that you should enjoy, it's this one.
Patrik ...I fully understand why Marbs is wrapping this up, I just hope that he will revisit this once in a while, thanks for a great flashback :)
Ivan Do...Nice smash and grab. Clearing both levels yields more loot overall, but is definitely more tedious.
Cheers, Ivan :D
Norbert...You should definitely try assaulting Alien Base, because you can, and that would be decent way to finish with this series. Last type of mission we didn't see in your playthrough. I bet it will be Aquatoid/Gillmen base, because you got it so early. Not that hard to beat, actually. You kinda should have tried to do it earlier.

I guess you would probably have serious trouble continuing this run anyway, because you didn't catched any Deep One, and you got Lobstermans running everywhere now. Probably 3-4 months before you would see Deep One again.
George ...Thx for playing this game, I never made it this far LOL :D
kibitok...i would like to see this series go all the way what do u guys think?maube if theres enough intrest marbs would keep going for it.
GaiR Ba...I really enjoyed this series and wish it'd last till the end, but alas im aware how long this game can be. Thank you for doubling the amount of episodes reguardless.
PSquare...I hadn't played this game since it was (originally) released. My memories of it were that it was damn hard. For once, my memories weren't incorrect ;-)
Bartosz...I enjoyed this series much more than pirates, it's a great game, still one of the best. Thanks for bringing it back. I would watch if you continue the series, it is really fun. If you're thinking to do so, maybe as a casual (but still funny nervous) gameplay, please do! :D
TheRagn...The sound the Tasoth makes when they die. So sad. even killed one more alien in that turn.. there was another tasoth corpse
Porki C...What a great game, standing the test of time like this!
Brian O...Loved the series but understand.. Thank you..
gillyzx...I like how far you can toss a grenade underwater. :-/
Village...While you can just destroy the device, return to the entrance and end mission, if you kill all aliens, you'll get all the items on the map including all equipment and Aqua Plastics/Zrbite.
Village...Thanks for the playthrough.

To those not understanding why the playthrough is coming to an end soon, its likely because TFTD is a long game and Marbozir will likely be playing it for a long, long time before he finishes the game.
Jorge F...I was really liking this campaign. I'm not sure why you'll stop it, but I'm glad to have followed you this far. Hope there's some XCOM2 in your pipeline coming soon :)
Stephen...This has been a fun series to watch, thanks!
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