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Northgard Blizzard! Part 2 Northgard Gameplay]

Welcome to Northgard! Northgard is a strategy game, where you lead a viking clan to explore a new land filled with mystery and danger Northgard. The game is currently in Early Access and in this series I'm playing Clan of the Bear. Playlist ► You can find Northgard on Steam at Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Northgard content as well as other games! You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: Endslate music from Epidemic SoundNorthgard Blizzard! Northgard Gameplay]

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Italian...Organize feast during blizzards.
Ranulf...If you research Mining efficiency early, it will give you more per mining spot. I usually don't mine before i got that.
Timmehh...Use villagers to gather in the area you positioned your silo in. It's also a good way of gathering food. Especially when you upgrade it.

Remember, your military is stronger in winter.

And the jotun Giants to the north will not attack you unless you attack them. You can however send food to them to gain an alliance.

Some areas have 20% increased woodcutting income. You can recognize it by spotting a big tree. You can also see it by clicking on an area and read it's discription.

Also when a mine is depleted you can destroy the building and make something else in that area.

It's less efficient to change a warrior into something else due to the fact that it costs you krowns to make the warrior.

With 5 iron and some krowns you can upgrade tools for your workforce or military, making them more efficient or resistant. You can find the "improve tools" button in bottom right of your interface.

It's good to spend food on a feast. You will get alot in return if you have a great workforce. They get more expansive though so use them wisely. It maybe even would of saved you during blizzard time because you had food in surplus.

You helped me in civilization alot! Thanks for that. I can finally do something back.
the Dal...I really don't like the way they half ass pause. Either don't allow it, or make it useful.
Jesse F...Marbs I just translated this video's subtitles to Chinese. I think it is a setting you can choose to allow the community to translate the subtitles. You never know, maybe a bunch of Chinese viewers from Taiwan or somewhere gonna start showing up in your chat now :D
Jesse F...Your healers are just chilling when no one is hurt. Perhaps make them go get food or something?
Muhamma...Is this game of some 250 mb? I checked the torrent.
Deros...Seems like there's a lot of micromanagement of citizens in this game. Making sure people are constantly being productive to maximize resource generation.
stars n...damn, blizzards are brutal! x.x
Jupp Ja...Marbs has fun with his new teddy bear! ;)
spshc...Once your quarry is empty you can destroy the mine and get back some wood.
spshc...I believe you can build a farm on fertile lands for more food. You can build a food storage building because mice can steal your food.
Stavros...god the people's voice is annoying..
B&K Alo...I vote a restart of the game before we get to deep. Will allow for a new look and cleaner run.
kglew20...I get the impression that going wide isn't as beneficial as going tall in this game.
Patrick...Build you lumber build in the zone that gives you 20% logging bonus. then upgrade that lumber mill, add a 3rd logger and then trade wood you then should be set for money and wood for a while
Aliasal...Do the bonuses from the bear & shieldmaiden stack? It might be a way to give a big short term boost to a specific production type if so
Mauro T...20:24 You missed the blessing bonuses, which are positioned right in the bottom of the Lore panel. They give you extra boost for food and happiness; use them wisely.
Ricardo...You don't need to move the wounded units to the same area as teh healers, the healers do their magic from anywhere
Smashin...Marbs you should get rid of the mine in the area that the stone has already been mined and replace it with a woodcutters lodge for more wood
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