Civilization 5 Let's Play Vox Populi as Ottoman Empire Part...

Welcome back to Civilization 5! We're playing Civ 5 Vox Populi mod as the Ottoman Empire. Vox Populi is a major overhaul mod for Civilization 5, previously known as Community Balance Mod. Playlist ► You can find Civilization 5 on Steam at Civ 5 Vox Populi Mod is available on CivFanatics: Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Civilization 5 content as well as other games! You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: Endslate music from Epidemic SoundCivilization Let&039;s Populi Ottoman Empire Modded Gameplay]

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Natan F... First! Can't wait to see it
SupaThe... This series is probably my favorite you've ever done. I hope you'll do a few more Vox Pupuli games in the future.
Rosstic... What type of victory are you going for?
Yahir T... 1:09 lol
Westez4... Early squad :)
JN S... Everyone knows American football is the real kind
Toyroye... Hey Marb strange question but have you ever had a issue with civ where the game would suddenly crash without leaving a message after clicking next turn? Particularly with vox populi?
IgorDex... Morroco is willing to sell you uranium (for oil, which you have a ton), and by a very good trade (check 14:28)!! Buy all you can, and between upgrading your bombers or buying nukes, just buy all the nukes you can. Make sure to declare war on China (don't wait for them to make the move) and aim on bombing all her cities on your continent. This will hurt their production and science A LOT, which will make the war much, much easier and will slow their teching. Hope you can pull this of. Not sure how you will try to win (cultural and diplomatic are not going to happen, domination seem to be far, science you will have a very hard competition). Nice series! Any chance on uploading your Inca game that you played on your live stream the last weekend?
stars n... ouch, your fleet getting stuck was... Unfortunate. ;-;
Jesse F... Wouldn't keep proposing world leader prevent China from proposing themselves as world leader?
Funak F... Think you might actually have lost Marble monopoly by trading away that city, still probably worth it.

I love how Morocco keep trying to give you gold and uranium, like "Please nuke China". :D
Amy Min... I laughed as happiness actually went down with the spcialists... from 21 to 23. All the gold from sea tiles really adds up I guess. I wondered why you didn't just try gold focus for a turn, always went gold then production to reset the tiles. Also, just trade oil for all that uranium and nuke china to hell!!! Then take her capital for all those wonder's and their votes!
portlan... Are stock exchanges not so good in VP? Extra gold and help with poverty is a good thing surely?
Heavy D... How do the people of Birka feel about being given away?? xD
Deluded... You know how Greece and Sweden suddenly declared war on you for like no apparent reason? You suspected they were bribed by someone as their actions made no sense. But who? was someone who wanted to make you put off declaring war on them for abit....
IgorDex... You could also sell oil to Morroco for flat gold, it seems they will offer a lot. Perhaps you can get 5-6 nukes AND upgrade (if not all, at least some) of your bombers.
Steven ... Why did China turn hostile all of a sudden? Knew I could never trust her in my games, she's so deceptive. Look at her being "friendly" lol
o0aless... Marbs, I noticed you aren't taking indirect fire on your frigates anymore... Any specific reason (aside from the 10% combat penalty)?

Edit: Ah, I see, battleships.

Also: I was sure missile cruisers did not require coal... I sit corrected, I guess.
o0aless... I think food also factors into the calculation for poverty, which would explain why removing the tiles with three food two gold in favor of merchant specialists actually resulted in a negative impact to your poverty problem in Corinth.
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