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#2 my social anxiety experience | closer to midnight

Okay, here's the link to BetterHelp: I'd say... always go for real life therapy if you can, but when you're on the go, or you're locked away in your apartment, or you prefer communicating via text rather than via a real world conversation this is going to be your thing. :) PODCAST IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON: iTunes: & Soundcloud: NSTA: FB: PORTFOLIO: TUMBLR: VIMEO: my clothing brand: ETSY SHOP: social anxiety experience closer midnight

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Kat Nap...Forgot to mention an extremely important part: if your first therapist doesn't seem to work for you, try someone else. Same thing when your second and third one just don't click. Keep trying, finding a person you feel you can trust is not always easy.
puppers...coincidentally, my name is Kat and I also have social anxiety. I do art and love filmmaking too? oh my god
Zuleini...The best video ever.
Dila Ra...I know this can be retarded after a year to comment. I just found out I have been having Social Anxiety.
dancems...I have really bad social anxiety as well, and i relate to eveything you said, ive been wanting to go to a therapist so bad for years so I can get better at being more social, but my anxiety won't even allow me to ask my parents to take me.... anyways, thank you for all of your videos on social anxiety, these have really helped me❤
Jo Sam...I think I have anxiety but I should look more into if I have it. I also have add which I weird because some days I don't think about most of the things I do but the days that does happen. I think about everything I did and how I fucked up so..... Am I bipolar too.
Dorabia...Też tak mam. Ania
Klaudia...Twój glos jest cudowny. Dziękuje za pomoc.
Irene 0...i do try to make ppl know i dont wanna be annoying its like i wish they dont think im shameless and useless
Irene 0...i cry after watching any of your videos
Gisella...I also feel a burden on those occasions, it is also hard for me to keep eye contact, also to go to the restroom when I'm in a room full of people, and the same happens to me when I have to approach a group of people. Elevators are a nightmare as well, and it is also very hard for me to ask for something else when I'm at a shop. And of course I need to know everything as well, because if not I'm the stupidest person in the world.
Alex Wa...When you mentioned being abroad, I actually find my social anxiety is lower when abroad, I'm not sure why, but I feel more relaxed and because of people's different culture or language, I am able to communicate better and not worry about what they are thinking, sometimes a language barrier comes to my benefit in socially anxious situations. When I'm at home I always feel that people are better than me at communicating and a lot of the time they dominate the conversation which affects me because I end up nodding and saying yes or no most the time instead of being able to contribute to the conversation.
tinyrui...Thank you for making this! It's really refreshing and assuring hearing someone else with social anxiety talk about it.
I feel the same about the "missed opportunities" in my life and it was also the reason that motivated me to go into therapy.
Wish you all the best on your journey - you have a great, artistic voice/style and a good sense for aesthetic.
Oh also on the whole moving to another country thing! I actually found it to be helpful. Sure it's scary, but I traveled with a friend and it also offered a sense of anonymity. Made it easier for me to go to therapy, as I didn't need to fear someone finding out w/o me wanting it and applying their stigma.
Areej A...I don't know if I have Social Anxiety. However, I notice some weird feelings that contain me when I make social communication. Even if that's via an onlie group chat. I always feel the heat rushing to my face and my heartbeats fasten when the conversation is directed at me. I think it's weird because over an online chat others can't see me obviously, but I still feel this way.
Dave Ar...You've just described ME. And that's really sad. :(
umer ra...everyone has different levels of social anxiety. mine was alot worse when i was in middle school and high school i was the kid who girls thought was cute and attractive at first, and then realized was a mute stuttering wierdo. now im 26, i still have pretty intense anxiety considering im going through other shit as well. im been balding since i was 17 so thats always been an insecurity. im a perfectionist and have body dysmorphic disorder so my appearance has always been a trigger for me and going bald isnt exactly going to help my mental health as im an above average looking guy wholl soon be hideous. "atleast im goodlooking" was a crutch i always used whenever my anxiety went out of control or was feeling worthless. i have a high paying job at the moment as a software engineer so i doing better then alot of people financially but i am always afraid ill loose it since i can hardly talk to my coworker at work since theyre all loud obnoxious extroverts who talk about random shit all day. i close myself off and sit in my corner all day. my anxiety tells me that my boss thinks im a weirdo and will eventually fire me. still im doing alot better then where i was younger . so there definitely hope for improvement. also my social media footprint is limited since posting stuff on facebook/snapchat self gives me intense anxiety and i become ocd over watching how people react to it/if ill get any likes/enough likes, especially now that im very much visibally bald. so its note even worth it
liz Mot...this helped me alot. thank you very much, am also an artist, well at least i put all my emotions in my art. i had a suicide comic drawn, every one of my friends liked it but nobody thought it was about me. art is only place i can be free of judgment, your experience made me realise a lot of things and am very grateful for you because i know how hard it must have been to upload this, thank you for being brave, i appreciate it.
A A...Thank you for sharing your experiences that completely relateable. After watching this I'm convinced to get a therapy asap. I'm 18 right now and going to be 19 in close time, I hope I'm not too late. Well, I always feel suffered my heart's beating too fast until it hurts my chest, my hands always get sweaty, my heads hurt, etc whenever I'm in public. My parents can't help but get angry to me whenever I'm freezed in public because it embarassed them and myself, ofcourse. And the sad thing is that I actually don't like it to be like that and I hate it when I make my parents sad. Everything's just so stressful :'). But once again, thank you very much for creating this video! Wish you always be success since you are amazing! ?
noowayg...Nie na temat, ale masz piękny głos, jest taki czysty, ciepły i przyjemny, że mogłabym Cię słuchać w nieskończoność. W dodatku tak pięknie mówisz po angielsku ?
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