Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Prank SA Wardega SA Wardega

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJsKtRx4wf8

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SA Ward... Subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/wardegasa?sub_confirmation=1
And Yes, In Poland it's popular to collect mushrooms in forest :) you should try it in your country :) it's relax :D
ThAt Ep... Oh hell noooo
Vishnu ... I hate zombies... They are not scary but ugly
Shadan ... ?????????????????
XxJessi... 2:27 queria saber como ele faz suas necessidades kkk
güzel ... Gerçekmi lan???
??TV... 이제좀비이야
Ask The... Nice, but 2nd was quiet dangerous...what if the driver hit the throttle and diving forwards? ?
Yoonaan... Last one was 2 scary
CadyGam... Aahhaah! This is funny! A man really thinks a zombie could just come up and kill him?
Ramon R... good pranks
R Islom... Very realistic. It is highly likely that what you did negatively changed the life of those who you scared. It would have been wise if you hired those who you seem to have scared to make this video. That would have been good then I will be happy to know that it didn't negatively change their life.
Patrick... Its fake But it looks real Because its the computers that makes it realistic
Wow The... I wonder whats it like when they go home. What do they even say??
Jonitbc... It look like real
Renu Jh... I would get heart attack