Sariels Monthly Workshop Report 8/2017

In this report: Ford Mustang GT 300 H and more! Mayka Block Tape: See what Im building right now at My new YT channel: Sariels Monthly Workshop Report 8/2017

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Hothrik... Just lost the ability to wait till Volksrod and Porsche finish. I hope you quickly finish those . By the way; That mustang chassis looks too flimsy. Is there any backlash or is it because of suspension?
Rade... Is 3 build?
75 evol... you want to buy new UCS millenium falcon
agustin... Will you do the review of the UCS millennium falcon that just came out?
Michael... I can't wait for the T-35 or the king tiger
Trevor ... I want that rc car tutorial
Pure Co... Mustang is gonna be great
Functio... Usually not much of a commentator on youtube..... especially for this channel. I mean, everything is incredible. Not much else to say. But..... the graphic of the mustang build overlay the actual blueprints shocked me even for such a great channel. Just terrific.
Dominik... I really like the Backhoe loader I hope it come soon
Victor ... Maybe, for when the kenworth is finished, you could make a trailer that has pneumatics and stuff?
King Ma... You have too much stuff to do.
Alhayez... Yip it's definitely a good thing including pictures of the no progress models, it makes your workshops reports more in depth!
The Ten... I'm glad I stumbled across this channel, your builds are phenomenal! Can't wait to see more!
Raul Ru... Are you going to rewiev the 75192 Millenium Falcon?
Breixo... Sariel, do you know anything about the 2018 sets or if you are gonna review them, like the "Hook Loader"?
Alex wa... try making a p.1000 ratte you made a maus why not the next step up?
Crispy ... Can u makr that german tank that was so big and had side guns and 2 huge cannons and was bigger than any tank
Tank Ma... Can you do a A7V tank pls or reanult
Can we ... Nice channel!
Drunk b... Face reveal at 150 k ?
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