ELEAGUE shox vs. Fnatic MONSTER KILL 1vs2 Welux

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxL6m2a0KX4

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notofis... SHOX IS A GOD
Lololip... I really like this vid, and you also left the old real sounds for the weps. +1
HeenGam... I Think s1mple's fragmovie was better
gfmodeo... Scream is only known for one taps, he's got good aim and flicks. And he's very up and down. Shox has been known for pixel perfect aim, especially at longer distances, and incredible mid round plays and clutches. Ever since 1.6 Niko i don't really wanna drag into this. He has peaked, just like Olof last year. That's pretty much gone at this point.
Dehs... Was cool to hear that, you don't see that in Frag Videos. Really added to it.
Defiuse... Shox is basically the epitome of what a csgo player should want to be
Cerriou... to make the spray go down without having to move the crosshair
Cenyris... Shox and NiKo are both better aimers than ScreaM tbh.
BONZOed... ez aimlock ez win