Scrap Mechanic Volvo A30G articulated hauler dump truck Gre go

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Hedsma... Id love to see some forestry stuff.
Like a "Ponsse Buffalo" or a "Ponsse Scorpion King"
BlackWo... zajebisty odinek lei kciuk w góre
Hedsma... Looks awsome Gre Go!
Keep up the good content! :)
Fox Tro... Hello grego, I am a fan of scrap mechanic. And with that I am a fan of durf and you. I said somethings on the last controversy video that were not polite or mature for a person to say. I am here to apologize on my behalf and on the behalf of all durfs fans who sent you hate. I wish you the best!

Team Wo... Grego about my comment on your other video the one where I said I was 14 and I knew more about copyright than you well I'd like to say I'm sorry it wasn't right
#FOXFAM... GUYS CAN YOU STOP WITH THE HATE COMMENTS durf said it was a mistake yes gre go it was just a mistake so you can't blame him every body makes mistakes and gre go did I came from durf's channel because he said stop hate comments so I am only doing what I am told and if you want to speak to me just let me know on this comment but no hate comments remember I am only doing what durf told me to do :D so gre go you keep making great content :^[)
Philip ... Please make a tutorial on how you make you steam trains
TheBaco... Mame a 777-300ER pls
Lord Li... Gre Go, I do not understand why you did that to durf, you called him out for copyright issues, without even checking to make sure that those were indeed the same files, they weren't, this hurts the modding community as a whole.
Z24zorp... unsub from Grego and sub to durf
The Gam... grego rlly im disepointed you could just say to them you can use my mods if i can join the team... grego im sad for that copyright shit im 17 and people have copyed my intro on my main youtube channel i dont care and its scrap mechanic and please just leave it think of you can make new mods for your self and i would love to make mods but i cant for im a noob and i dont have a team... i dont know what to do any more for i have a fucked up life.. scrap mechanic is the only game that makes me focus on one thing and not the pain.... please just leave it or join them
Hi... everyone lets remove subscribe to grego!!!
Hi... чмо обоссаное засунь свои права в очко и иди нахуй от дурфа!!!
Hi... you are crazy moron, go to the hell and dont touch the Durf modpack!!!
:!: Dan... ARE YOU SERIOUS ? You remove the durf video ? -1 sub
Zaff... Grego mam problem z twoim modem ponieważ w ekwipunku mam prześwitujące bloki (nie ma na nich tekstur)
G1G4... Can you make pls No-Mod Things? :D
patryko... szkoda że bez głosu
TheBaco... Pls make an strv 103b pls