The Story of TYRION LANNISTER | Tribute Video Grzegorz Grabowiec

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steven ... Brilliant editing.
Katerin... I like his stories
Piotr G... Awesome tribute videos Grzegorz! keep it going : )
JonPonn... Amazing video really liked it!
Roman D... You can kill a king loose your hand fuck your own sister you will always be the golden son hahahaha
Abdul H... Golden Words, "Strong bodies require weapons & strong brains require books"... ?
Bernd A... This was great, had the certain atmosphere and feeling to it.
Omar Di... This was a great video are you going to do anymore?
Savanna... Tyrion & Jon are my favoritesss
Sean Ga... I love how when his life was threatened tywin acted rationally, trying to talk his way out of it, just like tyrion would
Hakk? B... Awesome Man ?
Al H... Rustin, Hanzi, Lester, Ray, and Tyrion. You've made montages of all of my favorite characters from my favorite shows. Bravo man. I have the feeling we would get along quite well if we ever met.
Scott J... Update this one, please.
Micaela... I love Tyrion Lannister ❤❤❤
Karyme ... Please do for Jon and Daenerys they deserve it too! <3 great video
Aqarius... Nasz rodak to zrobił!!!
Crixus ... superbe video
ha ha h... Peter Dinklage makes me feel proud of my short height... now when ppl mock me for my height I proudly say "I am Tyrion fucking Lannister"
Siobhan... O m g. I love Tyrion Lannister :c
Martin ... Very nicely done. Appreciated the story. Loved that you ignored most of the timeline of the episodes to get a better buildup of his character..Tyrion is by far the one of the best played characters on the show.
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