The Story of LENNY BELARDO | Tribute Video Grzegorz Grabowiec

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Grzegor... It's been a while since my last character montage to "The Story of" series.
Here's a tribute video to an absolutely phenomenal performance by Jude Law in Paolo Sorrentino's The Young Pope.

Thank you for contributing in translations (CC) for my previous videos.
Fred Az... Brilliance.
TheHedg... I thoroughly enjoyed this show, because of its pomp, but the shared internal dialogue of the character of Lenny Belardo didn't make any sense.
Patrick... Bullshit propaganda
Iulian ... 2 years later i am still amazed about how good this show was
Black H... 2:01 Wows that’s a really powerful scene, I love this Pope a lot.
Villie ... ? Otvratitelni ste .
Adrian ... We are need such a good pope.
We must come back to the catholic tradition.
???? ??... This video is the second main reason im watching this tv show.
buzztru... Catholics and non-Catholics need to be quick to remember that Popes have no prerogative that preserves them from hell. Popes by title and rank could go to hell just as much as Hitler. Popes have been given much and much will be expected of them. Popes sin and popes should be an example of a Christian trying hard to eliminate vices and developing virtues.
efektmo... Genialne !
The Gno... The Supreme Fifther, Quintus Maximus!
The Gno... There are no pious fifthers.
jmitter... And thus religion is as always a crock of shit.
???? ??... Это потрясающий фильм
Marsha ... Jude Law was amazing in this role A masterpiece. Wonderful tribute!
???????... Жаль 2 сезона нет.
???????... Классный сериал.