Miami Vice IN THE AIR TONIGHT | Tribute Video Grzegorz Grabowiec

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Grzegor... A clip which I intended to make in past several years. A montage of Miami Vice (1984) with some of its soundtrack in the background.

Miami Vice is one of my favorite series. In the 80s it has given new trends and it still remains a unique production among other TV series. There is a specific atmosphere in it. Breathtaking views, beautiful women, fashion creations, sports cars, pursuits, and shootouts. Plus the music of the best artists of the 1980s and very decent guest cast - many future stars of the big screen appeared. All of those aspects I've putted in this montage with Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" soundtrack.
Richard... 3:50 a nerdy fag making some sissy dance using Uzi's , you gotta love that show
Richard... hedden bieke geld veur mich
Joanie ... Incredible job! Thank you. What a privilege we got to live in a time with creative people and awesome musical talent. Ahhh I'm depressed now.
pmafter... Very well made. Friday night in the 80's it was the place to be.
Ross Di... I would literally give my right arm, left leg and right testical to live and see Friday nights in the 80s, seemed like a much simpler time!
abdelka... Nostalgie very very good
Lilloga... Police in a Ferrari?!
007jjb... Great Job thanks for doing this!
Ucallit... Well done..  outstanding..
Jaros?a... Świetna kompilacja
ActionF... Seriously… great job of editing this. You've taken some of the best cinemetography from the show and used it very effectively with an iconic song from the series. It's amazing how 30 years later, editing a piece like this using the original footage can still feel fresh!
lobosol... Pedazo serie y banda sonora
???????... I got,all the episodes,of my favorite TV series,during 80s..all 5 seasons...i should say,this is a wonderfull selection,with great video quality,wich i dont have it...the reason is, that the whole episodes,wich i downloaded,they are in avi quality..many bravos..!!!!
RoloHol... Always nice to see the eighties series . Nice to see faces of actors who made it later in their careers ;).
Rico Cr... Great job . Appreciate it
Rad Ra... This tribute actually gave THAT Miami Vice vibe and feels... That In The Air Tonight intensity and drama... Not those typical random google images with don johnson smiling... Great work, Pal!!! :)
AWOKADO... The best Sonny, the best lucki strike.
Montevi... Great video. And picture quality is superb. :) ?