German Shepherd Puppies Funny Compilation Best of 2017 Grumpy Dogs

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cageny ... awwwwww soooooooooo cuuuttteeeee !!! :3
Makenna... Who has or loves German shepherd I have one named Annie
Caleb D... Some look like my puppy bear bear
Siniste... These are so cute but the sad thing is that if any dog comes near me I freak out. Unless they are newborns. The reason is because I had bad experiences with dogs before and I m too scared to be around them.
SkyBlue... CUTENESS OVER LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
HD vide... I love i love your channel kasam se
DaTBoI1... Heart M E L T I N G
MRSONGO... Omg so pupy cute i love pets
The Ext... Hopefully I can own one soon.
xxx xxx... Ooooooooooo
jaikish... I love German shepherd
fun cha... before this i hated german shepherd but after this i love it
Kerri C... I
I l
I lo
I Lov
I love
I love g
I love ge
I love ger
I love germ
I love germa
I love german s
I love german sh
I love german she
I love german sherI love german She
Aileen ... I love my German shepherd jack and my husky frost incredibly when they where pups good old days in Alaska but now on the city huh ? back in my hometown having a nice cocoa while sitting with my dogs and sometimes hunting some deer
Tatum S... Who loves german shepherds. own the like button ???
the_pro... German shepperds are so cute hahahahaha