Grumpy Dog ciekawostki

Grumpy Dog ciekawostki

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Funniest & Cutest Husky Videos #23 Compilation 2017

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Clainno...Cute and adorable
John Pa...we're is the dog in the fridge that's rude why are you tricking us me any?
David A...One word,,,CUTE???
sruthi ...So cute......... Nice video........
molly T...So cute and funny
Skylar ...Can you do more videos and you are so cute
aubrey ...I know a lot of people who have huskies they are an amazing breed but they are not for a serious person they will keep you entertained and I swear they love water more than any retriever. If you are materialistic don’t get one!!! They will have no issues chewing up your guess shoes or blankets pillows etc.... a lot of people get males bc they are less rambunctious. However, this breed surely knows how to enlighten anyone’s day!!! If you have a small child best believe these dogs will become their best friend!!! Partners in crime I always say but I wouldn’t have it any other way❤️ I love huskies and malamutes but I tend to stick more to huskies who couldn’t love their spunky behavior? Class clowns for sure!!! If you want one that’s more behaved I suggest getting another breed that’s highly trained first, bc dogs imitate and learn best from other dogs.... huskies are my favorite cute and funny, i dont understand the dislike people
Kat Hir...I want all of them!!!! They are so cute <3
Our Fun...Where's the dog in the fridge part?
Fernand...Me gustan los perritos husky siberiano siberiano perros salchichas
Death S...7:05 my malamute does that, lol : do nothing
human : awww look at them, so cute
dog : ??
Melna H...Aaaaawwww makes me want to have more husky!!!
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