H1Z1 BEST ODDSHOTS #127 - Twitch Globe


ChaPPiE: Donation Song plsss ?
André Sjögren: 7:08 cancer fov
AggressiverEsel: 3:46 The name of the streamer/youtuber ^^?
IReGGae: C'est une team de dindes à 1min35 ?
AggressiverEsel: 7:00 name ? :))))
Iceman Hjorter: Dude you are a good youtuber Nice trickshot tho
ShaugVFX: Clip 1 describes the game perfectly
ErycTriceps Plays: Yoo Free 5$ on page h1z1.plus CODE : FRI !
Erackz Hype: I wish I could win an Ak or a shotgun skin , literally it's not easy to buy them.. , for me at least
Hung Vu: Ayy thanks for putting my clip up there
BeastClashOfClanAttacks: anyone know how to fix the ctd glitch
InsanityLies: I get 10 kills in 10 games
OutdatedMeme: At 3:00 he gets xp for first blood??? Really daybreak...
Richard Larsson: 2:05 Someone played SA:MP
Joseph Tekin: Best Of 10000days PLS
kochuNafide: 8.07 wtf?? is skirmish??
NintendoWhale: Hi! I have entered your giveaway!! I have no h1z1 skin but a few pants and shirts. I really wanted a gun skin. It would be really nice if I got picked^^
Guillaume Joly: he said How many but hit 3 times ....
caviard DeMatsHummels: Get triquechotède moseurfoqueur ??
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEkba2qc4kk