H1Z1 BEST ODDSHOTS #129 Twitch Globe

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJE9qyBsUgU

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PUMPK1N... ?Click here for this GIVEAWAY!
Andrew ... anyine elso notice the lammy at 3:02
HizzyPl... Am I the only one who watches these videos right before I go to sleep?
jvi... that 30k by mah big brother =)
KUBA Pa... Someone have free skins to give?
tomyJK... someone needs to give lyndon the survey
RitZz T... go on my chanel, drop a sub and leave a like ;)
CARNI... This is why in playing the eagle tactical helmet ;) you often tank headshots ¯(ツ)
John Ke... Pumpkin can you tell me how to get the red circle with a line a cross it when facing the wall pls tell me it would be mean a lot to me
Shhh No... Yus I made it
kruegeS... anyone know the font in the first clip?
mikeEsc... intro song?
Saowill... GOTAGA !!!
Les francais ?!
Jblun... idk how anyone can stand lyndon his such a fucking sook... its just a game on the internet get a fuckin grip
???... 2:51 music thx
Kian Ba... Is it just me who sings the outro?
KeckosM... how they get the new helmet??
rush... ayee thanks for using me at 0:40 ❤️
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Twitch Globe ciekawostki

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