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Dumpster Noodle: 4:50 I died lol
Bar?? VATANSEVER: 5:10 stormen smurf
SkillerFreak: What is the Outro song?
Killerican: How were those first guys royalty....
Rami Korkea-aho: Miglu äijä
Sim Marsé: 1:22 fan from "the 100" serie haha
CARNI: First clip is so ridicolous, i wouldve gotten killed like 20 times there the first 10 shells he didnt even get damage...
danillou: 5:16 WHA TTAA FUCK
????: 1:09 where is the Ak from?
Strey: music 1:56?
Husix: 1:10 how the hell did he get a gun
ItsFrosty: 1:45 song ? Plz
Landry Mahier: 3:50. Mane_Aky
Slasher: You want free skins ? check this site drop.plus code: DROP.PLUS you can open 3 case if you want :)
LoL4Mine: 4:50 jviens de jeter une bougie jsuis mort mdrrr
donit gamer: That last part was well played
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Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcAqW47KQ_I