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XeroAtomicx: THIS amazing 2taps
RareHD: Stop putting a pubg background for the thumbnail of a h1z1 video
iHazTekkerz: fu*k H1 man
520 THz: The French Monster quoi ! XDDD
WnZEagLe: Hey man nice vids ! I have a question : Can i send you a clip from youtube ? I do not have the clip on twitch but is a video youtube ^^
Cavan Degannes: Ayyyy my boy kingplays is in this
Drew Schultz: Thanks for using my video! My clip was the last video! Twitch.tv/Yultzy <3 <3 <3
Mr. Weed: 3:42 i was there when this happend and the whole chat was like: "hi twitch moments" "this is going to yt for sure" and here we are :D
Klangarn: Ey, Fun to see KingPlays on this :P
Big Game Al: What's the name of the outro song?
scarr: The last guy just camped in the building with 2 kills lul
Kosik: O Age'u już z flickiem jest :D
Kaba Kakao: Song @ 4:25 ???
Abstrict: last clip was nasty
MrDjofrey: LooooL first clip is so aimlock confirmed
Johannes: Coooool ;)
kacperK: polaczki są
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Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5Eh2tsu1eA