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SinglePhoenix: 5:14 thats exactly why I dont use razor keyboards the buttons are so annoying.
Desert Fox: Mp7 might replace shotgun? if you go for the head it will kill almost instantly. 3:47
Its Kryptix: have they confirmed the release date?
Felipe Carrizo: How do you make to have your crosshair bigger in first person?
hexyness: @5:30 The guy is aimlocking go at 5:25 put at 0.25 and you will see ..
Carson McDaniel: why you gotta start the vid with depression
Oller Manden: 4:17 stormens brother?
Serocrux: 5:00 this guy and hes keyboard again....
BlazZviD: please disable resample on the clips before you render :/
dick vandyke: g1 aimbot is a wallhacker lol... i like how he gets featured in best oddshots
Gtr_club_r35: 1:32 türkkk?
Sub2ero9: Lol like when channels call name them selves over a fruit or vegetable
Lil Potato: Pumpkin do u play your self
Lil Potato: Pumpkin do u play your self
Khnêmu: 1:35 helal kardeş helaaal
Gaasper: best outro song!
JOMPE: The day h1 died
Aimz: the gun that ruined the game
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