H1Z1 BEST ODDSHOTS #137 Twitch Globe

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K8Fr89fJTw

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Austin ... bro good vid and all but your gameplay recording and audio is so shit
Millero... Wooow Celikon 0:25
conjuri... Let'sss go sowan let's go
conjuri... Didn't the first guy choke a 30 kill game to rip to that guy
Erik Bl... Så mange danskere!!
Gregwar... I love so much your channel, inm so exited when i see tou posted a video
OnlyBro... lul, JohnPitter Here! :D
thanks my dud haha
Feelsbad =/

big man... why do people go crazy over 2 taps?
Alex Ur... Hey my mom said she will quit smoking if I hit 50 subs in a week, please help me accomplish this.
ImLynxT... These long range building 2 taps are not "odd shots" they are actually very simple to achieve. I'd rather you make videos that take longer but have better clips than just accept everything ever sent to you
Giovann... Honestly i can see where people hit nice clips and multi kills and shit but when you kill other players with a shotty point blank in a car then just shut the fuck up and move on. Can't stand these fucking kids who just do what everyone else does and then act like there a god. Even looking at like Stormen and Eryctriceps. They are some of the best players in the world (arguably) and they don't even talk shit even a little bit especially Stormen.
Skreiz... Nice shit bro! :D
Rawhs... symfuhny and shades <3 rep
coixz... What the hell is it with the audio?
RahZta... Great vid! Keep up the great work
DyMan 1... Magyar csávo 0:39
hrez... 6:25 The gang
akaOsca... 1:56 am I tripping or that guys cursor is staying on that guy? does this happen all the time I don't pay attention?
Ohhreck... Outro song? +PUMPK1N - H1Z1 Channel
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Twitch Globe ciekawostki

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