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Teddy Desporte: how can somone who cant jump on a barrel gets a oddshot but actual skillful plays dont, explosive arrows arent fun to watch.
E2XU: Song at 1:08? Feel like i've heard it before!
aty2k: where did shurima get that hoodie from the fuck?
Anton Backlund: is it only me or is all other oddshot channels copies of twitch momenets?
YeeZeh H1: Xari le monstre !
FroTrix: where do you get that irl fftc hoodie?????
DEAD xSH4RKx: where did he get that fftc hoodie
Signature Views: You can easily tell the magnet screen motion of Eryc's fov.. Its unbelievable how he scammed and cheated his way to the top.
orangemorange: hahha shiit.. this movement is a shame bro xD but thanks for uploading me again brother! much love to you!! ifyou want, text me on twitter: orangemorangeTV
kruegeS: where did the guy at 6:37 even get a irl fftc hoodie
Adwalt: song at the beggining and at the end of video?
Canavar No Surname: Nice videos
Spex Wise: That 2nd clip has to be the greatest H1Z1 moment ever. I laughed so hard. I wish I could see it from that guys POV.
Jakub Pawluczuk: I wanna have good skins :(
AktivAmCampen: 5:04 8i Bester Clip hahahaha
Fretje Fretie: Bro i always love your videos keep on the good work i am on vacation with friends and my friend got really sick foodpoisen so now i got some time to watch your videos and im helping my friend the same time!
junior icher: GOTAGAAAAAAA
Brutal Freak: h1z1 free skin look my channel
Sem VH: how he get the real fight for the crown hoodie
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