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Jakub Pawluczuk: Someone have free skins?:(
ThatGuy: What this isn't H1z1 it's pubg
Lami _Legend: leave a like it the new update sucks
syltan: magnum is absolutely not broken
???: H1z1 became a trash game. Look at that rocks guns, omfg.
MikeyXV: Combat Update looks fire as fuck
But hello meme :D: Nice pubg video
Adam: They better balance this shit out
Polquus: this is soo good updates new h1z1 i like !:D
.Logic: The game is legit turning into pubg
Lachainede Kirk: whats outro song?
Brutal Freak: h1z1 free skin look my channel
Gamerimeur: 4:55 COMIKAZIE I LOVE YOU !
BassBoosted Music4You: kooshkoosh reply to this
Deception today: Does anybody likes the new update? I dont think so
Amr4s: Nice see my chanel maybe you see something interesting
Andre Martin: This game is going too pubg...
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