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nezu: h1z1hunt is scam watchout
1 Vinz: This kid is cool he has swag
Jean Trabelssie: 6:04 is this when kids plays h1??
rlindju: Cadê os brasileiros?
Benjamin: 6:58 anyone know the song?:)
Demon: Why u don't do the giveaway on gleam it's better ... raffle is si shitty
PlugCordless: Can someone link the kids stream at 4:07
Gordinez: hiaguin representando como sempre kkkk
Alex Tristan: That baby had some skills xD
Marshel: 3:54 That Moment when a little babe can aim better than you XD
SILNYI_SASHA: Sweden players = desync players - not skill man
E walka: that was me getting shit on at 5:43
Mastickaa: 1:10 WTF? THAT AIMLOCK
G69Helix: at the last clip Im sad for that fat kid at the background saying eight hp dude he is eight hp (just a joke Im happy that he died so fat omg)
SurfSk8r: Mousepad for he guy a 2:38
Zudiit: 4:02 ban him. not even in kindergardern
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRL2XS07J7A