H1Z1 BEST ODDSHOTS #148 - Twitch Globe


SpyDaH: Im Early, How about a joke

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AVERILL Official: Hook me up with a server that has no Asian hackers and I'll be streaking.
BuraK: thxx love u man
Just Devlix: wtf, Mimz hit the clip this morning
ur speedy jeez :O
Popovic Marko: I wanna playyy h1z1 :( but i dont have
August Tambour Petersen: The tittle is at 6:50
Justin Smit: Ayyy gg man
LockedLuck Bofa: Got scammed yesterday for fake Tg hoodie(for over 100$) and this giveaway might help me be happy(ofc it will) ((;
RLB: What is the significance of the clip at 3:28
Vulze: Bruh thats me getting fucked in the last clip lol
Steven Croce: flamehopper is such a great streamer and that clip is amazing
Maxamis: aye peep 5:32 Its me!
HunterDaWarlok: 4:55 I got raped
orange: can't be a "best oddshots" w/o an eryc clip
Prep JMS: 2:17 fucking insane!
Zihan Wang: Giveaway is mine !
Jason: Video is from Pumpkin....
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAcBo1OfWbk