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LockedL...Dude this shit actually entertaining! That 2 tap omg
Dorijan...3:41 where is it on map?
Zihan W...Giveaway is mine.
ninjaJJ...You should change the pat ar display price on the intro it's dropped to 230$ because the games dead
PsyQo A...Intro song of pumpk1n getting annoyig now :P
TrollTh...you can only dream for the price on the pic chek opi skins;)
Air in...Pumpkin you should honestly have a lot more subd
Samme S...So i was just wondering how u get the footage from the streamers, do they send it to the uploader in this case Pumpkin, cause i might start my own oddshot channel but im not sure how, like do you need license with the streamers etc. Can somene please answer me thanks, Also ive been here since 10k subs keep up the good work Pumpkin
Jnr-dan...Too many French baguettes...
Twitch ...What name of song please 5:37
Dr Dim...These glitches r amazing
Mike Di...some clips are soo old
FoXRoya...i love oddshots
ZerKinG...FUCKIN RIP im at 6:26 who died :(
SirCyli...Why am i at 7:04#SirCylinder hehe
Nik Las...some oddshots are so boring and nothing special...
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Twitch Globe ciekawostki

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