Twitch Globe ciekawostki

Twitch Globe ciekawostki

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Shreder... 2:17 timing
Spectre... I have 400+ hours in h1 and after purchasing and playing pubg, I already feel like it's a better built br game that in my opinion is better built. H1 is now in my opinion trying to be like pubg with the new weapons being added into it. It is a lost cause
Xamad... 5:17 My team got raped lmfao
Boracay... @7:25 nice hit reg
Teufeur... Thanks for the clip hihihihi Sale histoire
sM Maz0... zinko la machine
Philip ... so late videos every one has already seen theese
True Co... RIP h1z1 china banned and new update.... RIP
Endley... the game is dying.... :( ill change from h1 to pubg after 1200 hours :/
Ethan E... When is the giveaway?
Zane Ga... fix your skin prices dumbass
JeSaisP... 2:19 perfect timing : «savage» BOOM ahaha
GrantaZ... Pat ar is 190 euro and you say 400 at giveaway
Paul Si... Game is RIP it wont come back.
Rose... Pumpk1n can you make a sniper montage when it is ''H1Z1 - Best oddshots #200?''?
SINDI... Your e-mail?
FocusLA... better change the price of those skins real quick
CARNI... wot de fock , im duuuuun , that accent is so dumb haha
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