H1Z1 BEST ODDSHOTS #153 - Twitch Globe


Prac2Warrior Raped: JAKE PAULERS!
BadH1Z1Player: could you please turn off resampling in sony vegas the ghosting frames are really anoying
Simonf45: 2:45 song?
Wolfi3: Song 5:20?
JOJO: how can i play sniper skirmish?
Kroleex: Can you give me heart :D <3
?Shrimp: how do you do that at 7:20 where he just flys out the car
hhh: nice video
Husix: it seems like i watch 2 different games
test server
real h1z1
test server isnt even h1z1 its pupg
MrLerrab: 90% of clips happen every game :/
Verlin McCown: I'm sorry to be that guy, but the dude at 1:25 is cheating. Pay close attention.
Polquus: Song 2:55?
Jeonseol: Guys how can you play the skirmish with the sniper. I really can't find it. I see clips and i am wondering how can i play it.
Leethyl: that thumbnail ?
Neil Leslie: Loving the vids
OhhHydrahh: wheres the uploads? :/
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKkavu1zTEM