Jonn Serrie The Sentinel Full Album JediMaster

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allinth... why would u put commercials on this
pspboy7... And the Creator spoke, collecting matter and energy and forming them into life-giving elements, in which humanity would some day understand his greatness and benevolence through the vastness of the Cosmos.
Sam Tre... I enjoy the entire album, but especially like the pad at 53:45 (I believe that’s a Jupiter-80 using the Supernatural Synth engine, going through an Eventide Space Reverb)
bob V... I love this !!! I will buy it.
Armando... Expectacular
jhoan m... Dónde encuentro el fondo pantalla...?
serrani... magnifico!!!!!
Hopalon... This dude is the best!!
M B... Great stuff unfortunately ruined by adverts!
Stephon... Above and beyond...........
Stanley... I've got a lot of Jonn Serrie's music, CD's, MP3's in my collection..when I want to "escape" that's how I do it...awesome stuff!
Kevin P... The Colony. 1987
Rod Sco... I saw John perform excerpts from this album and a couple of others live in North Carolina back in October. It was a night to remember!
GB3770... way too many ads on ur r u llaying at
Andy Ad... Just when I'm relaxing an ad bursts in to ruin it. Thanks so much.
TV Nost... When I listen to Sentinel, It feels as though I am, just that much, closer to the new world from where I am in some interstellar dimension.
Solaris... Ethereal, airy and sine wavy. Gorgeous
Nicktro... for those who would rather not take xanax......totally effective. <3
anna ku... thank you for your music . she helps to remain quiet even in most difficult moments of life and for creation of my picttures.