Space Ambient Mix 12 The Ocean Inside by Max Corbacho - JediMaster

Tracklist: 1. 00:00 10:39 Nest of Tempests 2. 10:40 15:17 Surface Thought 3. 15:18 22:03 Web of eyes 4. 22:04 29:30 Offshore Currents 5. 29:31 32:02 Aace of discovery 6. 32:03 40:19 The Endless Flame 7. 40:20 44:09 Tidal Memory 8. 44:10 1

retro jordan 12: Space is the best!
The Universe around us - Daily Vlogs: Tattoo this on me
Neural State: /watch?v=1FpwxxTnwGI
Get To Da Choppa: If another galaxy would be that close to collide with ours it would still take thousands of times longer than humanities existence.
Ronald Chavin: Seems like the harder Nintendo tries to make a profit, the more money they lose. Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy 3 failed because Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 were substantially better:


Who should get the blame for the failure of Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy 3?

Super Mario Galaxy (2007) contains 36 different galaxies (plus 6 additional scenes), while Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010) contains 43 different galaxies (plus 6 additional scenes):

Instead of fixing Super Mario Galaxy 3 (2015), Nintendo decided to introduce Super Mario Odyssey (2017), which contains 15 or 16 different kingdoms:

Unfortunately, most people would rather play the simpler Mario games that made Nintendo successful:

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Edsel Duran: Magical and mystical!
Slavisa Petrovic: i can practice my solos with this music. i m riding my stationary bike.also.
Dillon Anania: excellent for programming!
HL Hughes: Magnificent Space Ambient Mix 12! Thank you, Max. ~H~
Sea Pas: Pensacola..
Andrew Smith: Amazing sounds, very relaxing simply exciting
84 LoneDreamer84: This picture is PARADISE!! Wish so much I could live over there! For ever...
Max Corneli: i forgot how i love this music, great mix!
????? ?????????: Pensacola :)
thomas siterlet: GREAT RESTFUL MUSIC !!!!!
TARS, CASE, & JuJu: This is an image of the Beaches of UR-ANUS in 3.5 billion years, looking andromeda galaxy.
HL Hughes: I'm writing again...because I'm so impressed by Space Ambient Mix 12. Thank you. ~Howard
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