Space Ambient Mix 13 The Talisman by Max Corbacho - JediMaster

Tracklist: 1. 00:00 07:13 Amnios 2. 07:14 17:25 Reborn to Expansion 3. 17:25 28:15 Connected Spirits 4. 28:16 33:29 Three Circles 5. 33:30 41:15 Garden of revealed Flame 6. 41:16 45:16 Ruby Fot The Sun 7. 45:17 50:27 The Talis

Alex: Great!!! Deep atmospheric sounds d(-_-)b
Dr Ivo Robotnik: Excellent ending on my week.
naturoalien ?: Fantastic Ambient mix Jedimaster many thanks  =)
Guy Michel: je découvre génial famille de John serrie Mikaël stearn ! ! MERCI pour nous
runrunrun6777: what is this picture?
J Damron: good set of tracks
Renold Vottier: Hey Jedi Master, are you still going to bring us even more of this great music? If so, thanx OLd Prohet.
DJ LABYRINTH AKA COSMIC CALL: I think it's 1 of yr best mixes :-). Tkx !!
eddiequest4: Hmm. The image is reminiscent of Hawking Radiation; but from an (almost?) black hole. Ha
Love the music. The force is with you.
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André Blanchard: Tout simplement formidable J'adore les Espaces Interstellaire. Merci Beaucoup Beau Travail.
Nicktronic: Feeling the force. Ty namaste
Adonay Rocha: This one goes straight to my favourites list :)
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