Space Ambient Mix 16 SpectrumShift...Dreamstates by Shaun Rylands JediMaster

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muldie1... This is perfect for a game of SMAC, Lady Deirdre Skye, our secret war
Piotr K... I like the graphic, mate.
Cosmo S... Why choose such an obvious objectification of women especially for this music? Cue all the​ incells and angry white males...
kernton... could someone link me to the wallpaper at 50:00 ?
Sodakid... This totally reminds me of when the dinosaurs were around ... all the mystery and echoes.
Sean Ba... Jedimaster, may I ask if you yourself produce (create from scratch I mean) ambient music as well? Did Oleg actually paint this image or is it computer generated or what? I am very curious as to how these FANTASTIC images you use are made... I am an old school artist and musician , and I am thinking of trying to produce my own SPACE MUSIC piece ...since I have been into AMBIENT since 1988 , using it for my 'sleep music' as it were...started out with David Sylvian , and then learned about Brian Eno..but now that I have found YOU ...I feel I have hit the ALL TIME MOTHERLOAD is like a lottery win ...I must also add that IMO you are truly a JEDI MASTER!
William... Spaceship 50 in the background!
Robert ... Love the hell out of this ! Screen shot is perfect
Litivio... I would expect "Duke Nukem" to come walking into this place ;D
João F... Very trippy
Jonatho... Strip clubs in the future? ?
King Ko... I'm interested in doing a quad tape, can I get the multitrack for this?
norchaa... got damn this hits hard my sound system. in the pure depths
hogun l... Ambiance Blade runner. J'aime beaucoup. Merci
Martinu... Peaceful. Astounding. Was searching for something like this for a very long time.
jamjakp... Shaun Rylands , Can I use this Music as Background music ? I put your name as Music Credit .
jamjakp... Great Music. They should open up Pubs with these kind of Background music
boomtin... What is the Song that starts at 11:11 ?
Rusich... Просто прекрасная музыка..