Space Ambient Mix 17 DeepMind Singularity by Wim Daans - JediMaster

Music and artwork by Wim Daans, support his channel : DeepMind Singularity is spiralling time, space and matter into one powerful omega point of divine unification. Deep aural drones and ethereal melodies take the mind to a uniqueace within itself, to f

Robert RR: Elon Musk's Hyperloop :)
HL Hughes: This (Space Ambient Mix 17 by Wim Daans) is a favorite of mine. Even at 4:30 AM . . . Grazie!
????? ??????: this is not space ambient, this is funeral ambient
Spencer: I love this music. I listen to it in the background when I'm coding. I'd love a version that has binaural beats (8hz - 12hz) in the background. If you or anyone could make that happen, that would be amazing.
HL Hughes: Love your Space Ambient meditation music. THANK YOU!
SnoopyDoo: May the Fart be with You!
Mike Brown: I wish I could change my stupid profile pic.
Steve Trekker: My fucking God : AWESOME MIX !!! I'm writing my new book and i'm listening to this mix at the same time. I'm on the ship with my characters, which are discovering a new threat. Will they escape alive ?
Ryan Nichols: thanks Jedi Master.. lol
packetcreeper: This is perfect background music.
Apach64: X3 terran conflict with this ambient so great
Dariusz Górski - Zach: Super.Zapraszam do swojego kanalu__________________/channel/UCdQ4z8ZyeP3I-SFh2LZYS4A?view_as=subscriber
Barend Combrink: We were born too soon!
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