Space Ambient Mix 18 Hidden World Beyond by Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos JediMaster

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?????? ... Прекрасная музыка, мир на задворках вселенной. Спасибо за подборку
Nirvan?... Dizźz from reklam
William... I like doing (late night) art projects to your music.
Kaz Dzi... If you, like Jonn Serrie, have created a masterpiece like "Goldstone," how can you improve on such magic? Maybe you can. I will keep searching.
Lock In... There are strange creatures in this jungle. I can't see them, but I know they're there.
David H... Getting Dune vibes as i close my eyes! Perfect ?
Tribal ... ost gothic!!
The Out... Decent meditation, until abruptly shocked by the obnoxious and chaotic add. Unsubscribed. Quit being greedy, it's not even your music. Have one add in the beginning, if you must. Not throughout the mix.
347chas... JediMaster, i can honestly say, your music is most excellent.
Lord Vi... Seriously, 3 ads within the first 10 minutes!? Whoever thought that was a good idea, go fuck yourself! Trying to relax here, not watch god damn American cable tv!
Lisa Ra... RE: What Steve Notice wrote: I was a flutist for about 20 years and whoever was playing the flute (and possibly Alto or Bass flutes) was excellent and reminded me of Paul Horn or other jazz flutists. If you've never heard of Paul Horn look him up: he recorded in the Taj Mahal (if I spelled that right) and in other sacred and spacious places. This was one of my fav's!!
Daren W... Sounded great - until a harsh ad started! Thumbs down.
RedboRF... This is amazing. Thank you, guys. Really.
Eddy Gi... One of the most clashing photos, pictures or paintings ever done; something like Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings comes to mind... ?...
Karl Gr... I'd love to read the novel that picture depicts. It looks like Brooklyn, circa 2117
Guerril... Where can I get this art my dude?
mike ma... +JediMaster Surprised no one has pointed this out, but the wallpaper scene is inspired from a scene/s from the anime Ergo Proxy. The junktown of people that lived outside the city after Vincent and gang flee.
Jóhann... be somewhere else then on this planet. thank you
Makar A... хорошее начало :)