2017 PsyTrance Mix 'ARV' by JediMaster - JediMaster

/JediMasterStudio Hi I\'m JediMaster and this is my PsyTrance Mix. All of this music was produced by me in FL Studio 12 DAW. Only for entertainment purposes. Copying and downloading is illegal. Genre Fullon PsyTrance Tempo 147 bpm Time spent on pro

Seoman: Hi JediMaster ! Thank you for all your tutorials, it really helped me ! Your tracks are also awesome ;)
But, when will come in France ?! I want to see you and enjoy the experience ! I'm also a cameraman, if you come, I could make a movie to you!
Thanks again bro !
See you ! :)
viktor sarskiy: с 19 по 23 минуту ваще бомба ! спасибо друг!
Dennis Vdpol: I also like the freaky sound after the 23 minutes. is the mix totally in fl?  I also follow your fl clips on YouTube. nice 1 ehhh
FrancisOfficial: Świetny mix, ale zastanawia mnie czy można się spodziewać czegoś od ciebie w klimatach Uplifting lub progressive Trance?
Nachtvogel: Respect Jedi :)!
coolsskin: AWESOME MIX!!!

Is it possible to make a ambient psycadelic tranceMiX!?
Giovanny Serrano: Amazing Psytrance mix, brother. ? It sounds quite Full On and with stellar production quality. Kind of reminds me of Burn In Noise, Avalon, Alpha Portal, Tristan, Ajja, etc. with in depth and well applied dubs. I also love your ambient/Psybient work and finally, I love your stage/artist name. I bless you on what you do and your work. ? May the force be with you and thanks again.
Señor Gómez: bro, just for the fact that you spent 8 months on this amazing project is insane! you definitely deserve more attention!
Richard Lambou: This is amazing. The rhythm hit right in the chest. Would love to know what you did for the HiHats in the second track. My brain is stuck on them.
Vitamina C: Eres bueno hermano, venga siga así !!
TrainingHere: Amazing trip, thank you!
Maciej Tatarzyn: Yessss!! Keep going pls ?
JO: If you uploaded each song from this mix in a place where i could buy them i whould gladly give you all my money... keep up the good work master, ive been learning a lot from your tutorials and trying to make my own ill show u my progress soon ?much love brother and may the force be with you ??
Eric Wenzke: awesome work!
Isabelle Baheux: I love child's melodic in start. So trippy at 17'. Good work
Elmeri 074: 10:25 one of the best parts! :D
JediMaster: My latest mix 2018: /watch?v=CFtZ5mIFmXA
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQeiqejNfhg