PsyTrance Percussion Loops & Samples July 2017 JediMaster

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JediMas... More information about the packs soon - July 2017.
Kirk... hey man could you release some bass samples for sylenth
Mondrag... How do i do to get this packs master? thank you for all your tutorials, i'm producing my own live thanks to yours tutorials!! respect!
26Trox... I love your work :) keep it up. Your tutorials are so great, I got so much better at making and understanding Psytrance
Dominic... hope get pack soon- greetings bro
The Rav... I need this ?
I USE A... 1:00 tutorial bass please
Back Sp... Mega ! pozdroo Mistrzu :)
Djordje... do a giveaway Jerzy! :D
Audr Ve... I'd buy it if it has different percussions and its for about 10 € :D
TheKasi... Good job :)
Psy Lea... great pls more
papy no... Super rythme, bravo !:)