Space Ambient Mix 20 Interstellar Gravity by Mathias Grassow

Music by Mathias Grassow: In our constant search for the unknown and the treasures buried deep within the Earth’s most sacred or desolate places, the tertöns working together with gterma have all scattered into the void on their respective quests. But unlike the case of Pema Lingpa, the 15th century mystic who discovered many gterma, no one has appeared before us, to set us on the correct path. In this day and age, the gods and saints rarely choose to appear before man, and we are all left to our own devices. While the search is being pursued both in the physical as well as the imaginative realm, some seek to venture beyond. Mathias is one of our best known tertöns, but perhaps not so many know of his mission to seek the deeper meaning of the world we inhabit. In this effort, the music itself is both the tool, the path and perhaps also the destination. Wallpaper artist: Oleg Danylenko is a Self taught artist from Ukraine living in Poland. Currently working on personal project. If you want to participate and in case you like wallpaper art please support: Paypal account Tracklist: 1. Underneath the Stars 00:00 2. Alone with the Sky 08:54 3. When the Dawn Comes 24:00 4. The Distant Miracle 31:57 5. Constant Spaces 42:30 6. A Silent Graces 47:53 7. The Shadow Crept Upward 59:39 If You're an Ambient Space music Producer and would like to share it, message me. I can use Your album in the next mix. All videos on my channel (music mixes and tutorials) are free to watch by all users. If you would like to support me financially you can do so by donating via PayPal. My e mail address:

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The Chi... Best sounds!!!
Will... Definitely triggering some deep thoughts here.
Debunk ... gravity > interstellar
Joe Son... A class II carrier at Gliese-5c for needed repairs ahead of a deep space assignment to the Epsilon-5 sector.
William... Spaceship number 93!
Stiko R... I love this mix. I just bought this album from bandcamp but what I realized that this is not a mix but seven separated tracks. How can I get this mix? I don't know how to blend tracks I have nicely like here.
Lee Mid... Where can I buy this mix?
Barbara... Thank you. This music is just what I need.
Lisa Ra... That planet below looks like a future earth: desert / mountains/ and lots of water and a questionable atmosphere?
david w... it idles well
Oleg Gr... Those who dislike - have anything to say?
Neurona... woooowww nice ambient.... cautivador....le debut est vraiment impressionnant.(soon 6 CD of NU MUSIC 369). -:)
Jon Gro... with a name like that - i cant not but say "may the force be with you :) "
Searles... Hope for eternity to exist.
Krystia... C U D O W N E .
Steve W... As we gracefully orbit the 10th planet of the Silotarius System in sector 4.51923 of the galaxy, the panoramic view on the bridge of interstellar craft #93, never ceases to amaze us.
Mcnight... my Girl told me we needed space so I sent her this link
Brandon... Listened to this during the eclipse. It fit perfectly. Thank you.
Eddy Gi... Well, I ate all 20 Space Ambient mixes in just 2 days and now I saw a Dark Space Ambient mix so I'm jumping on that one right after I finish this one.
My music is metal but I've learned that there are many music genres out there that deserve a listen and some, deserve much more than just a listen.
I'm glad there are still good and interesting things in the world and I'm subscribing now for possible new material, I just hope that JediMaster doesn't upload 1 per week because all of my other channels are killing me with tons of vids every week....
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