Ambient, Psybient Mix Wider Horizons by Lauge JediMaster

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Rodolph... Love the track at 14:00. Could you give me the name pleaaaase? :)
Robert ... Now THIS is some kick ass techno goodness !
Jude Lu... what is the song at 41:05
please tell me
Fiddles... Magnificent!
Width.S... Like+++++Very good !!! Thank for your shared !
artaxer... This is the best space music on the whole You Tube. The author and his works are magnificent!
Distinc... hei pls do a video tutorial how to make a psytrance tempo develop
Brandon... Once again, I'm impressed.
alcatra... Cześć, jesteś fachowcem w tym temacie. Skąd czerpałeś wiedzę na temat muzyki elektronicznej?
Back Sp... gruuuuubo Jedi~! u know that man :)
sully90... I was about to buy this entire track list but realized in the description that they are not released yet. Hopefully they release soon!
JC Schw... You've done it again Jedi.
Orbis T... Skąd Ty to bierzesz, człowieku... :)