Space Ambient Mix 21 Planetary Suite, Silent Cosmos by Sonus Lab JediMaster

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Ginger ... Yo, yo, yo, Mr. JM! Rock on, m'man! Been listening to you for many a year now. When, OH, WHEN are you ever gonna start fading your space art imagery into other space art, & again, into another & so on during your musical interludes? One stagnant picture is quite lovely, I will admit. However, a parade of these images, not unlike Divus's Blue Lady & Grinning Elderly Chap (describing current image) which could then fade into maybe a lazy purple solar system, then into a silvery Oort Cloud, then into an electric blue super nova, then fade into a sleek travelling spacecraft, & on & on & on, would out rock anyone else's still imagery right off the dining table & out the front door. :-)

Like Nike: Just Do It.

You know you can. It's high time you did. You know you have the talent. Plus, once accomplished, you'll be even more thoroughly enjoyed by your current & an abundance of NEW fans. Oh, & what a perfect Jedi Mind Trick to lure the unexpected. Cheers!

Read "Lure" here: (Or, I could just simply be out of my tiny mind.)
Bjornvi... This is perfect for astronomy homework.
Wolfgan... Universe gets humbling because you are just a molecule .... but ... you belong and ... you grow when you get into the cosmic f l o w
guava j... Iam reading a space book with this music !!! ?????
Richard... Was cranky few minutes ago but this mix calmed me down. Powerful.
Ashley ... 1:48:50
Music C... Listen -
AirFlar... Don papa...white widow...drawing...this sound...perfect
Samir M... this one not bad...really good space ambient by Paul ...
Joe Son... Hull breach between levels 15 and 23 on the Ion Frigate. Support Frigate dispatched.
christo... Great! Perfect for studying... Or reading high-concept SF :)
Thanks for the upload!
Peace ☮
347chas... This is excellent.
Fer Tob... ¡Maravilloso fondo de efectos de sonido! ¡Magistral!
usagisa... excellent...i was beginning to think i was the only one who could create what the inside of my head sounds like.
Bileass... Best space ambient mix out there by far. 10/10
Erlend ... Amazing tracks.