Changing and bending the archwires Dental Movies

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Abi nes... what is the plier used here to bend the wire
Kimberl... Came here cause the colour of the bands was nice ???
CandyIs... Is that a dog hair on her lip?
Lalu... Amazing ???
N J... Sir,, which's that plier?
gayathr... My arch wire broke any problem?
korde d... I also dont have metal ring at the bottom back of teeth. Is that ok? Or whats the reason that some had it on?
lessono... i have the clear bands tho ?
Esven T... Omg hahahah i thought that the dentist was not using gloves hahaha?
l l... why he is touching her mouth without wearing gloves?
Kristin... Whats dacolorof the bands?
pinkish... my dentist never bend my arch wire or neither change my wire to thicker ones is it normal? or my dentist is doing something wrong?
Shae Al... what is that power brush for? Is that for cleaning the brackets?