Wax up and mock up. Treatment Planning. Dental Movies

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzV7vJ_tGoY

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Noema S... Mi pregunta es? El px va a pagar buenas coronas? Porcelana, emax zirconia ? Porque michos malos doctores quieren dejar solo acrílico o materiales de mala calidad porque el px no lo puede pagar. Al menos en mexico coronas de buen material por 16 dientes serían como 80 mil pesos mexicanos en usa sería mucho más
Victori... Как называется материал?!?
Sara am... this case you do veneer or crown preparation cause too much gap between centrals need to distribute the spaces ?
william... How long does this mock up last ???, and can this mock up be done with some material that will last much longer time ?
Pariksh... How are they removed????
Dok dok... Какой кошмар!!! Хоть бы попытались по убирать нависающие края композита с маргинальной десны!!! Там через сутки гингивит начнётся. За полировку я вообще молчу......короче для глубокой сельской местности с натягом прокатит, но не более того. Вернусь к началу - какой кошмар......
?????? ... зубы как-нибудь обрабатывались перед установкой
suhail ... what is the tray made of?
Lucero ... hi, then how can you remove it??
TheCool... what will be your planned final restoration for this teeth
Anime K... Nice Solution . but how much does it last to hardens in the mouth and for how long can last for the patient ?
positiv... what is the matetial being used?is it luxa temp...used for temporary crowns
Adam Ad... how long as max patient can keep it on.
Ara Dee... is this permanent?
Ugo Ibe... Is this a permanent solution?
alewayn... what is your protocol in this case?
you put something, like vaselin oil, on teeth to not bond material, make mock-up and then? you adjust form, occlusion and other things then do you take impressions to make provisionals?
Vishnu ... hey doc. have you raised VD in this case . have you make preparation of 46 before giving mock-up
Samornr... How can you get the yellow dental work white again?
andres ... what about floss space?
ilopid... upper right midline shift, hard case specially with compromised centric relation